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Within the cosmetics industry, there is certainly no shortage of beauty products which boast to contain a new-fangled natural ingredient, however, when we heard of the Escargot Collection it piqued our interest.

The Escargot Collection is a snail secretion filtrate product, meaning it contains the slime which you’ll notice on the common garden snail. Sounds icky right? But while the west has been slow on the uptake, surprisingly in Asia, one product is sold every 6 seconds.

Despite us referring to this as a new-fangled idea earlier in the article, we were in fact able to find evidence of snails being used for medicinal purposes dating back to ancient Greece. Throughout history people have harnessed such a common garden pest for everything from medicine to skincare.

While we’ve researched many quotes and studies around the product, we thought it was best to just try the product out for ourselves.


We received both the Escargot Collection Revitalising Moisturising Emulsion (pictured) and Escargot Collection Revitalising Lifting Cream. After getting over the mental barrier of applying snail slime to my face, I found that the product absorbed very well into my skin. I’m always weary of applying excessive amounts of moisturiser to my face from the fear of becoming too oily and greasy from the application. With the escargot collection, only a small application was needed to adequately moisturise my skin without having to reapply in a short amount of time.

After a month of 2 applications a day of the Lifting Cream (in the morning and before bed at night) my skin did feel more smooth. I was surprised that in a short amount of time how big of a difference I saw. The redness in my face also reduced which I can only imagine is thanks to the medicinal qualities of the lotion. For us this was the better lotion of the two.

On the second, we weren’t as impressed with its absorption. That’s not to say it was particularly “bad” , however it did not absorb into my skin as great as the Lifting Cream and we found it slightly more slimey. If you’re only after a single face-cream, I would highly recommend the Lighting cream over the emulsion.


All in all, both products did what they said they would do. My skin was clearer, softer and less tired. So, should we all throw out our synthetic creams and switch over to the naturally produced snail slime that is the Escargot Collection? Maybe! With all the over perfumed and chemical infused creams on the market, there’s nothing wrong with a return to nature and a detox from the overly chemical infused products which appear on TV. FAULT would definitely recommend you keep an open mind and get at least the lifting cream to see how much it can improve your beauty regiment!


For more information, reviews and to pick up your own bottles – head over to Escargot Collection


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