Travel Skincare Essentials From Men-ü Review


Coming to the end of a busy travel season, I had noticed that all the dry aeroplane air and UV exposure was having a negative effect on my skin. Before leaving on yet another press trip, I wanted to do something about it so I picked up a number of Men-ü skincare products in my effort to better take care of my skin.

Arriving at my hotel, before I began my detox I washed my face with just warm soapy water before I got down to the full-scale pore cleanse.


Men-U Ultra Concentrate ‘deep clean’ clay mask

First I began applying their Men-U Ultra Concentrate ‘deep clean’ clay mask. The mask was a little more liquid in consistency compared to other clay masks on the market. Because of this the application messier than one might hope. Despite the consistency issue, it was very fast drying and absorbent which was great. The mask contains kaolin clay, witch hazel and zinc oxide which is great for normal to oily skin. It took a fair bit of washing to fully remove the mask and residue but the results were great! My skin felt cleansed without becoming too dehydrated.


Facial wash

Moving on to their healthy facial wash, I was surprised how little of the product was needed per wash. Each small bottle contains up to 30 washes which is a great space saver when travelling, in fact, at 15ml bottles available you could even take this onto long haul journeys for an in-flight refresher. With a high concentration of tea tree oil acting as an antiseptic and antibacterial, my skin felt soothed and the wonderful natural fragrance left me feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Men-U Skin Refresh Gel

After all the cleansing it was time to add some moisture back into my skin. This is always a dangerous part of any skincare routine, as you don’t want to reclog your pores with just any old lotion which will undo all the work you just put in. I applied a minimal amount of the Men-U Skin Refresh Gel to my face and neck. It absorbed really well and left my face feeling well moisturised without appearing shiny or greasy.

men:u Matt Moisturiser

Men-U Matt Moisturiser

Finally ,I applied a very thin layer of their Matt Moisturiser to complete the treatment. This final step really helped lock in all the moisture without feeling as heavy as most general face creams. I found that even with the small amount that I applied, I didn’t have to reapply at all throughout the rest of the day.

Final verdict? I loved it! I’d highly recommend to any traveller in need of a simple skin revitalizer without having to pack a large bag of skin products. I’d list this range as an essential when visiting humid conditions which can leave skin feeling exceptionally muggy due to the build-up of natural and airborne oils. Even for the more sceptical man who isn’t fond of the thought of applying face-masks, all the other products have great skincare benefit and as they’re only lightly scented by the natural ingredients, it’s the perfect small step to skincare enlightenment!

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