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Dress by Nicolas Lecourt Mansion and Jessica Carre

Dress by Nicolas Lecourt Mansion and Jessica Carre

Dress: Morgane Krischer Shoes : Tom Mazelier

Dress: Morgane Krischer Shoes : Tom Mazelier

Dress: Morgane Krischer

Dress: Morgane Krischer

Cape: Marianne Rosenzweig  Shoes: Laura Lebouteiller

Cape: Marianne Rosenzweig
Shoes: Laura Lebouteiller

Coat: Victoria Dahan  Shoes: Marianne Rosenzweig

Coat: Victoria Dahan
Shoes: Marianne Rosenzweig

Coat: Hepta  Plastic Vest: Soleyanne Baland

Coat: Hepta
Plastic Vest: Soleyanne Baland


Photographer : Kavak Agir

Wardrobe stylist : Marianne Rosenzweig

Make up artist : Yoan Perez

Hairstylist : Davy Evano

Model : Deila Vogur @ UP Models

Assistant : Armin M

Video Director : Francois Xavier

FAULT Focus: Berlin Fashion Week – Kaviar Gauche

Kaviar Gauche presented their Spring/Summer 2014 collection in the St. Agnes Church during this year’s Berlin Fashion Week. Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl, the design duo behind the label, once again showed a collection that was modern and elegant, using luxury fabrics and couture detailing. Photographs by Heiko Laschitzi.

Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013


Berlin Fashion Week July 2013





Dawid Tomaszewski

Patrick Mohr

Ep Anoui

Istanbul Next

Kaviar Gauche

Vladimir Karaleev

FAULT Favourites KAV and Rico the Zombie release new single – ‘Dirty Rejects’

FAULT Issue 10 stars KAV and Rico the Zombie have joined forces to release this sizzling Summer single.  The pair have been collaborating on an album project together in LA since the start of the year.

rico v kav

Collaborators KAV and Rico the Zombie as featured in FAULT Issue 10. Rico was shot by Kai Stuht and KAV by Benjamin Johnson. Both shoots are exclusive to FAULT. Back copies of this issue are available by clicking above, or from the ISSUES page.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is an ode to the overlooked and marries Kav’s naturally nihilistic bent with Rico’s signature energy on-set.  It’s a tantalising combination that comes together in the form of powerful riffs and a darkly catchy refrain.

‘Dirty Rejects’ is out tomorrow, 21st May ’13, and is available via KAV’s website –

FAULT of the day: KAV returns with new single ‘King of the World (The Undefeated Champion)’

After spending 2 years recording his new album, FAULT Issue 10 star KAV returns with new single ‘King of the World (The Undefeated Champion)’.

Out yesterday (29th October) the rock and blues track is full of edgy guitar riffs and features vocals as gritty as the music video. Shot and directed by The Pickering Brothers and inter cut with footage of KAV performing at Camden’s famous venue, ‘KOKO’, we watch as two Pro MMA fighters take to a seedy underground boxing ring – with the underdog ultimately prevailing.

As the chorus and fitting guitar solo kick in, so does the jealousy for those lucky audience members at KOKO rocking out to the live track. It’s the perfect track to energize any Monday morning (although perhaps a little more aggressively than the person sitting next your blaring headphones might like). As it winds down, the catchy chorus will ring on in your ears for hours afterwards…

KAV’s debut album due out Feb 2013 – and we predict massive things to come for this Leicester born rock virtuoso.

FAULT Favourite KAV to support KASABIAN & Band of Skulls @ Brixton Academy


FAULT Issue 10 star KAV is fast becoming one of the UK’s most exciting live acts. After releasing single ‘Blaggers N’ Liars 2012’ back in March the Leicester born musician received high praises for his authentic rock sound.

KAV’s music is full of edgy guitar riffs, dirty baselines and backed by a strong raspy vocals. This has led to him being compared to some of rock music’s biggest legends – “KAV combines the Speed of the Scream with the Swagger of The Stones.”

KAV has now been confirmed to open for Kasabian @ Brixton Academy with Band Of Skulls (also featured in FAULT Issue 10) on August 20th.

Check out the video for Blaggers & Liars below


For further information, check out the



Twitter: @KAVBlaggers

KAV @ O2 Islington Academy, London

FAULT Favourites KAV celebrated their recent deal with Suburban Records (home to the likes of the Brian Jonestown Massacre – who are also set to be in FAULT Issue 11, The View, Bring me the Horizon and All Time Low) in style on Sunday as they played a filmed gig for Live Connection @ O2 Islington Academy.

A full tour will be announced soon for August including CLUB NME @ KOKO on 3 August and  TESTIVAL @ The Garage – a charity event to raise money for Testicular Cancer on 22 July. Both gigs aim to bring together some of London’s best new talent so we’re already looking forward to KAV‘s full Summer schedule – which is also set to include some festival dates. Watch this space for more on KAV‘s seemingly unstoppable rise!

KAV for FAULT Issue 10

FAULT caught up with KAV to chat about his music, his career and his upcoming album with his Band of Blaggers…


What’s your favourite track on the upcoming album and why?

It’s always hard to pick one of your own tracks as a favourite, but I love the energy of “Blaggers N’ Liars”, and I’m still not bored with playing it live. It’s been opening the set since the start of the band. I wrote that song on a bass guitar, and the bass line was the first things I recorded live with Jim; it gives it that driving vibe! My personal favourite would have to be a toss up between “Dirty Freak Money”, “City Of Sun”, and “Lizard King”!


Where do you find lyrical inspiration?

From everything that surrounds me! I write all the time ,and most of my songs and lyrics will never make the light of day. I’m inspired by every aspect of life, and all my songs have meanings. I don’t just write down anything just because it rhymes!


You’ve had pretty rave reviews for your work on this project. Do you find it puts additional pressure on you to live up to critics’ expectations?

Maybe? Not sure, to be honest. I think some people look to pick holes into what you do no matter what, while others get very excited about anything you do. It’s just personal opinions at the end of the day. Yes, it’s nice when people get on your vibe and appreciate what you do, but I’m just as excited about guitars, bands, and music as I was when I was 12 years old. I love it!


Why should people buy the new Band of Blaggers album?

If you like rock ’n’ roll with a real sonic soul, you should get it. If you like songs that mean something, songs that you like playing loud when you want to be uplifted and experience a life’s work squashed into 10 songs, then you should buy it. If you wan to listen to music that makes you want to go out there and do something, then this is it!


Read the full interview in FAULT issue 10, available DIGITALLY and in PRINT

KAV rocks the Gibson Guitar Rooms

Exactly one week ago, FAULT Issue 10 star KAV and his so-called ‘Band of Blaggers’ invited the FAULT team to an exclusive showcase of his new album at the Gibson Room.  Our ears are still ringing, the tunes are still in our heads and, frankly, we’re pretty damn pleased about it.


Despite the self-deprecatory names by which both Kavin Sandhu’s band and his upcoming album are known, it’s fair to say that neither the ex-Happy Mondays man or his associates are ‘blagging it’. It’s rare that you go into any gig – especially a normally reserved, professional event like a showcase – and feel the sort of energy that fizzed around the room when Kav and the Blaggers were on stage. Despite the tight guest list which sought to include mainly press & industry figures, the crowd bounced as if they’d been devotees for their whole lives.

KAV has that rare gift of demonstrating sheer enthusiasm on stage. In an age of either highly polished or incredibly jaded performers, KAV looks and acts like his entire life has been leading up to one half an hour event. Small wonder the 100 strong crowd were swept away by the exuberance with which he launched into every track. Despite being new to KAV’s music, I found myself, along with a group of photographers, journalists and 2 or 3 die-hard fans bellowing with excitement at the announcement of ‘Lizard King’. The fact that I only questioned this at the end of the gig says a lot about Kav’s musical style. Boisterous, uninhibited and shamelessly enjoyable; it is the best sort of contemporary rock music.

For the cynics out there: don’t just take my word for it. Rich Robinson from the Black Crowes also stopped by the Gibson Rooms, as did Pete Doherty collaborator Wolfman. There was practically a ruckus at the end of the gig as the new fans scrapped for copies of the ‘Band of Blaggers’  album preview. FAULT’s advice is not to wait too long to pick up your copy…

Band of Blaggers is released 26th March

KAV and the Band of Blaggers will be featured in FAULT Issue 10, released 31st March.

All photography by Benjamin Johnson

Check out Kav playing ‘Lizard King’ live at SXSW 2010 here: