KAV rocks the Gibson Guitar Rooms

Exactly one week ago, FAULT Issue 10 star KAV and his so-called ‘Band of Blaggers’ invited the FAULT team to an exclusive showcase of his new album at the Gibson Room.  Our ears are still ringing, the tunes are still in our heads and, frankly, we’re pretty damn pleased about it.


Despite the self-deprecatory names by which both Kavin Sandhu’s band and his upcoming album are known, it’s fair to say that neither the ex-Happy Mondays man or his associates are ‘blagging it’. It’s rare that you go into any gig – especially a normally reserved, professional event like a showcase – and feel the sort of energy that fizzed around the room when Kav and the Blaggers were on stage. Despite the tight guest list which sought to include mainly press & industry figures, the crowd bounced as if they’d been devotees for their whole lives.

KAV has that rare gift of demonstrating sheer enthusiasm on stage. In an age of either highly polished or incredibly jaded performers, KAV looks and acts like his entire life has been leading up to one half an hour event. Small wonder the 100 strong crowd were swept away by the exuberance with which he launched into every track. Despite being new to KAV’s music, I found myself, along with a group of photographers, journalists and 2 or 3 die-hard fans bellowing with excitement at the announcement of ‘Lizard King’. The fact that I only questioned this at the end of the gig says a lot about Kav’s musical style. Boisterous, uninhibited and shamelessly enjoyable; it is the best sort of contemporary rock music.

For the cynics out there: don’t just take my word for it. Rich Robinson from the Black Crowes also stopped by the Gibson Rooms, as did Pete Doherty collaborator Wolfman. There was practically a ruckus at the end of the gig as the new fans scrapped for copies of the ‘Band of Blaggers’  album preview. FAULT’s advice is not to wait too long to pick up your copy…

Band of Blaggers is released 26th March

KAV and the Band of Blaggers will be featured in FAULT Issue 10, released 31st March.

All photography by Benjamin Johnson

Check out Kav playing ‘Lizard King’ live at SXSW 2010 here: