FAULT of the day: KAV returns with new single ‘King of the World (The Undefeated Champion)’

After spending 2 years recording his new album, FAULT Issue 10 star KAV returns with new single ‘King of the World (The Undefeated Champion)’.

Out yesterday (29th October) the rock and blues track is full of edgy guitar riffs and features vocals as gritty as the music video. Shot and directed by The Pickering Brothers and inter cut with footage of KAV performing at Camden’s famous venue, ‘KOKO’, we watch as two Pro MMA fighters take to a seedy underground boxing ring – with the underdog ultimately prevailing.

As the chorus and fitting guitar solo kick in, so does the jealousy for those lucky audience members at KOKO rocking out to the live track. It’s the perfect track to energize any Monday morning (although perhaps a little more aggressively than the person sitting next your blaring headphones might like). As it winds down, the catchy chorus will ring on in your ears for hours afterwards…

KAV’s debut album due out Feb 2013 – and we predict massive things to come for this Leicester born rock virtuoso.