Fashion Label Unbranded release drop 2 of their latest collection

Fashion Label Unbranded has just released drop 2 of their latest collection, and it’s taking us to the moon and back. The brand, which was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in late 2020, has a mission to change the fashion industry by providing customers with a luxury streetwear alternative. And it seems they’re succeeding – since their official launch in July 2021, Unbranded has rapidly grown a community of 60,000+ followers on Instagram and 5,000+ unique customers, with 1 million+ TikTok views.

But Unbranded is more than just a brand – it’s a vision, with a real human being behind it. The brand wants to create an exclusive experience and cater to every person, no matter their age, gender, or body type. Fueled by passion, Unbranded’s aim is to bring their A-game for every customer, with every purchase – to create an exceptional experience.

The second drop of their new collection is taking us on an out-of-this-world journey. It features two color series – navy and beige – each including two original hoodie designs and sweatpants. The first set, in dark blue, reintroduces the friendly skeleton character, this time hanging out in space, surrounded by various celestial bodies. The alternative version of this set presents an Unbranded logo and a smiling fireball. The second set is, almost literally, on fire. The skeleton falls down covered in flames, venturing into the unknown. It’s daringly cute. The other option of the hoodie and sweatpants match the fiery theme. Even though it’s winter, we feel like it’s getting hot in here.

Overall, Unbranded’s new collection is a unique and exciting take on streetwear, and it’s clear that the brand is dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for their customers. With such a strong following and impressive growth, it’s clear that Unbranded is a brand to watch in the future.