Fashion in the 2010s was dictated by flashy branding, opulent displays of labels, and in-your-face logos, however, we’ve put those trends behind us in recent years. While patterns, prints and colours are certainly still present in the fashion zeitgeist of today, branding is silent and true style is timeless. With all that in mind, today we turn our attention to the SS22 THE ART OF UNBECOMING collection from Unbranded – with the world crying out for a brand that can deliver in design and quality, the ground is set for success for many years to come. 

The collection finds its perfect space between comfort and luxury, while joggers and mesh styles offer the wearer ultimate comfort, the luxurious materials and expert craftsmanship in the details of the garments help elevate the collection amongst its peers. The pieces while minimal in design, expertly employ a range of highly detailed production techniques to ensure wearability while high design quality is consistent across the entire range.


The jogger sets come in six colour combinations which include black, white, blue, lavender, grey and beige. The pieces work excellently as a set but also can be paired with many other looks to bring comfort and versatility to a diverse range of looks. 

Our FAULT Favourite looks from the collection would certainly be the Yacht series. The earthly colour palettes include olive, concrete and taupe a design choice inspired by the “long sun-ridden days in the urban Safari-like jungles where all you need for an adventure is will and a little bit of courage.” The pieces are luxury personified, and the logo emblem attached to the sleeve is the perfecting emblem of the shirts. We’d suggest sizing up for an oversized look. 

All in all, the THE ART OF UNBECOMING is a collection that understands the modern tastes and trends while also remembering what it means to be a luxury product. While exclusivity can at times go too far and end up excluding key demographics who can best represent one’s brand, UNBRANDED have made their commitment to every person, no matter age, gender or body type clear from the beginning. While still a young fashion brand, only officially launching in July 2021, their rapid growth has shown that people are indeed ready for their success – and through continued devotion to design, high-quality processes and wearability, we’re sure to be hearing much more from the brand as time goes on. 

Check out the full collection at unbrandedsa.com