How To Wow Your Family With Your Christmas Cards This Year

Photo: Annie Spratt

Christmas cards have been around for more than a century. They are a great way to express greetings and gratitude to family and friends, all the while briefing them on the year you’ve had so far. Each year millions across the world put in substantial effort and creativity to ensure their cards stand out, and remain memorable throughout the year.

If you’re looking for one such way to make your family and friends ‘Wow’ with a Christmas card this year, here are some tips and tricks to get your creative instincts humming!

Use Stamps To Make Your Cards

Stamps have long been a way of expressing creativity, gratitude, and sweet nostalgia for a bygone era, and with the wide variety of stamps commemorating different times, events, and individuals, you will never run short of creative potential.

Using stamps to make the base for your card shows a lot of ingenuity, and given the amount of time it takes, it is likely to stay on the receiver’s shelves throughout the years to come. If you’re looking to add a stand-out quality to your cards, there are very few things that can beat this.

You don’t have to aim for perfection, in fact, it is precisely the imperfections that make this such a wonderful way to express love to far-off relatives.

Personalize The Card

In a world in which everything is mass-produced and impersonal, what better way to recreate the personal touch other than personalizing your cards?

Putting in all of your creative flow and potential in crafting a card that remains unique and personalized to the receiver, their personality, and the memories you’ve shared together is the perfect recipe for a memorable experience. You can play around as much as you’d like with different colors, fonts, styles, and literally anything that represents your innermost feelings regarding the person in question.

Reuse The Old Cards

As the recycling trend gains steam, reusing old cards, or the stuff from previous years’ greetings to create a new one is a great way to stand out. There are no precise ways of doing this, you can just aggregate all the cards you’ve received over the years and let your creative instincts run wild.

When it comes to reusing, it need not just be from the cards of yesteryears, but literally any artifact that is card material. This includes ribbons, old color papers, drawings, photographs, and anything else that can result in a memorable experience, without any additional burden on Mother Earth.

Use Candid Pictures Instead of Posed Photos

Everybody knows that candid is more authentic and fun. If you like sending photo cards to your family on Christmas, try using candid pictures of your family members rather than posed ones.

You can snap some pictures as the kids are fighting or when they are asleep. Such photocards will leave the recipients wowed and make memories that will last forever.

Create Photo Cards Online With Real Foil Sparkles

There is no shortage of apps and services online catering to the holiday rush for photocards, each of them offering different customizations, effects, and more to create truly unique effects. A few of them even offer presets, and premade templates, letting you upload photographs, and have them imprinted with glitzy effects effortlessly.

While this doesn’t exactly suit the narrative of painstakingly creating cards by putting in substantial time and effort, it can definitely create the ‘Wow’ effect that we are looking for from our families. The core essence here is the real foil sparkles that many such online services offer with their printable photo christmas cards.

Final Words

Even as many predicted an end to this tradition of sending Christmas cards, it has persisted, and will likely continue to persist, as people hold onto what’s real, against an increasingly consumerist, mass-produced backdrop that seems fake.

What’s real is the thought that gets put into these cards, the time, and effort that people take from their busy schedules to remember their families, and cherish the memories.