8 Unique Photo Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Smile

Photo: Pine Watt

Photographs can hold some great memories and there any many ways that you can turn them into unique gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the perfect present. However, when in doubt, you can always rely on these eight unique photo gift ideas to really put a smile on someone’s face.

Photo Frames

Photo frames may sound like a generic gift but there are so many unique designs out there. If you are struggling for ideas, then a photo frame is always a good place to start. Not only can you pick out your favourite photo of you and the recipient, but you can also pick a frame that matches their personality. If you’re feeling creative you can even customise your own frame with stickers, paint or other embellishments. Luckily, there are some amazing personalised photo frames available online for you to explore if getting crafty is not your thing. Who said photo frames had to be basic? Certainly not us.

Photo Albums

If you want the perfect personalised gift, then photo albums are worth exploring. The beauty of a photo album is you can choose a theme. Maybe you went on a trip with the gift recipient? You can base your album around that trip and fill it with photos which will become a cherished memento for both of you to look back on. They also make a great gift for your partner. Photo albums can be great for celebrating milestones like an anniversary or an engagement.

It’s also a way to protect your photographs. Most of us store our pictures on our mobile phones. However, technology can be temperamental and when devices break it can be heart breaking to lose your photographs. Making a photo album is the perfect way to keep all your cherished memories in one place and it is a gift that is bound to warrant an emotional reaction.

Photo Banners

Photo banners have grown in popularity over the years and whether you choose to make one yourself or buy one online they definitely have a unique edge. One of the great things about a photo banner is they are a lovely decorative piece and if you are looking for a gift that is more cost-effective then this is it.

You can buy photo banners online, however, if you are feeling creative then making one couldn’t be easier. Check out this step-by-step guide on how to make your own photo banner. You only need minimal supplies, but the end result looks fantastic and is sure to make a personalised gift that your friend or loved one is going to love.

Photo Books

Photo books are fairly similar to albums however there is one major difference. A photo book takes away all the hassle of printing your photos, yourself. Websites like PhotoBox can create stunning photo books for you in a matter of minutes. The process itself is fairly simple. Upload your chosen photos to the website and either you choose where to place them or PhotoBox randomly allocates them for you. Pretty easy, right?

Photo books come in an array of sizes and designs so the options for this gift really are endless. Because most photo books are printed you don’t have to worry about photos falling out of pages or glue sticking pages together if you’ve done a DIY job. You can even set a theme for your photobook and surround it around a recent trip away or an event like a wedding.

Personalised Phone Cases

It is no surprise that we are a nation of mobile phone users. In fact, in 2020 87% of adults in the UK owned smartphones. So, why not get a photo gift that is practical and one that you are sure your recipient is going to use? This is where personalised phone cases come in. With a quick search online, you won’t have to travel far to find photo phone cases. In most instances, you’ll upload your chosen photo or photos and create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind phone case for your recipient.

When it comes to photo phone cases you can also use this gift as an excuse to get crafty. You can mostly find basic, clear phone cases for a low-cost both online and in your local discount stores. Print out your own photos and use any other stickers/embellishments you have and get creative.

Photo Mugs

Do you know someone who is an avid coffee/tea drinker? Struggling to find them the perfect gift? Well, photo ceramic mugs could well be the answer to your gift giving woes. Again, you won’t have to travel far online to find photo mugs. You can personalise a mug with not only pictures but also text. If you don’t have any photos of yourself and the recipient that are mug worthy, then why not personalise it with pictures of their favourite artist or characters from their favourite TV programme?

This is the ideal gift for your friend or loved one who loves to enjoy a hot drink on the daily. If you really want to warrant a good reaction, then why not adorn a mug full of pictures of your face? They’ll certainly remember the gift was from you and it will make it one to remember.


Photo collages can really have the wow factor. Regardless of your budget you can make a collage for a very low price, or you can create your own one online. Check out these wall collage ideas for inspiration on how you can display your collage. It doesn’t have to be printing and sticking pictures in a frame, you can really think outside the box and use some of these creative ideas to make for a stunning wall display.

Collage is a broad term because you interpret it in several ways. Your collage can be as small or as big as you like. One thing that is guaranteed is that they look fantastic, and it also makes for a thoughtful gift.

Photo Booth Art

Our eight and final idea for unique gifts is photo booth art. Whenever you are out and about and spot a photo booth it is hard to resist it. The retro look of a photo booth strip makes for a great memento. If you’ve been left with a bunch of photo booth strips from nights out in your local bar or a trip to your local fair, then now is the time to put them to good use.

By using photo booth strips, you can make them into works of art for a personalised gift. All you need is a frame of your choice and some craft supplies. You can arrange the strips in the frame along with any writing or embellishments and before you know it you’ve created a work of art and you’ve also managed to make a gift that is budget friendly.

When it comes to photos the possibilities are endless. Whether you love a bit of DIY or you prefer to online shop, you don’t have to travel far to create a gift that is totally unique and personal to the recipient. Why not use one of these gift ideas above to solve your gift giving woes?