Occasion Dress Trends for Summer

Photo: Sama Hosseini

If you plan on attending summer parties and events this year, you’re going to need something to wear. Naturally, you want to choose something that’s suited to your personality and on-trend, which is why we have brought you a shortlist of the best summer dresses on trend this year.

La Robe Minidress

If you want a dress that is classy, sassy, and sexy for a summer event, then check out a La Robe Minidress. These formal dresses come in different styles and shapes, but they have one thing in common, they are modest and revealing. A perfect combination for cocktail parties. 

This dress would suit a slim or medium-sized female with legs to show off. It has a high cut with lace straps on the shoulders and a scrunch at one side. Wear this dress with heels and a special hairstyle for an unforgettable evening. Don’t miss out on this exciting summer trend.

Floral Print Midi dress

This year large floral print dresses are back in style! That’s good news if you like dresses with colors and patterns like a Floral Print Midi dress. These dresses are full length with a low-cut V-neck to keep you cool on the warm summer days. And it will be hard to miss wearing one. 

A Floral Print Midi dress is perfect for any summer occasion. If you have a BBQ or beach party to attend, then you won’t feel overdressed; equally, you can attend a formal dinner wearing one of these, and you will stand out for all the right reasons. Another summer trend to watch out for! 

Strappy Midi Dress

Midi dresses are popular for a number of reasons; firstly, they suit different figures and look flattering, they can be worn on formal and casual occasions, and they have pinched waists that highlight femininity. If you want something cool and revealing this summer, choose strappy ones.

Strappy midi dresses are cute and sexy; instead of shoulders and V-neck, these dresses have some light strapping to support the flattering top, the pinched waist, and the lower bulk of the dress that springs outwards with some pleats. These are ideal for summer parties and events. 

Puff Sleeve Midi Dress 

 Fashions seem to come and go, even if it was the fashion or the 14th century. That’s right, you might be more familiar with puff sleeve dresses from the antique painting hanging in art galleries, but nowadays, you can also find them at summer parties and formal dinner events.

Puff sleeve dresses have come back into fashion for a reason; they are exquisite and different. Usually worn in a formal setting, a puff sleeve dress is immediately raises the status and presence of a woman – probably why they popular many centuries ago. Try one this year.   

Patterned Maxi Dress

Do you have a summer wedding to attend but you don’t know what to wear, why not try a patterned maxi dress for summer. These dresses are full-length dresses that cling to the body showing off a woman’s figure. They are designed with bright patterns and colors for summer.

The Jacquard maxi dress is a classy example of this style; it has a round collar and elegant tapering cuffs that conceal slender hands and leave enough room to wear your favorite bangles. Although this dress is tight on the upper body, the lower body is loose and reaches the ankles.  

Lace Satin Dress  

Summer is as much about light and comfortable as it is about colorful and classy. That’s why we’ve included a lace satin dress in the summer trends this season. A lace satin dress in yellow, or another bright color, is perfect to help you stand out throughout the hot summer days. 

A lace satin dress is best worn throughout the day; that said, it’s a fairly flexible form of summer wear that you can wear over a bathing suit or under a coat in the evening. Because the material is light, you will probably see some of the colors underneath, which can be used to good effect.

Linen Eden Dress

There are some women who love summer dresses for their colors and styles, but other tastes need to be catered for as well. That’s why we’ve included a Linen Eden Dress, which offers something different for summer events and caters to tastes on the darker side of things. 

Naturally, this dress is made from linen, a quality material that might be too heavy for the summer sunshine but is perfect for evening wear. A Linen Eden Dress has lace shoulder straps tied in a bow and white stitching on dark materials that give it an alternative gothic appearance. 

Skirt Linen Night Dress 

Dresses are not only for summer parties; they can be worn at night as well to keep you warm or cool, depending on the climate. So instead of buying new summer pajamas this year, why not feel different in a skirt linen nightdress. These dresses are also on-trend and likely to impress. 

A linen nightdress is both loose and warm; they tend to be white or off-white to create a sense of cleanness in your sleeping area. They are one-piece dresses with straps that are convenient to put on and take off. Since they’re made from linen, they wash well and last for many years. 

Micro Dot Dress    

When you search for summer dresses, you are often confronted with light-colored dresses designed for trips to the beach and boating, but we also need dresses to wear in the office during hot summer days. A microdot dress is a convenient answer to these circumstances. 

The microdot dress is made from silk, so even though it looks substantial, it’s actually very light and breathable. From a distance, you can look professional and assured; people might wonder how you can wear such a dress in the heat, but these are specially designed for summer.

Hammered Satin Dress

Again, this one is for darker sensibilities; it’s a full-length black satin dress with lace shoulder straps. This dress can be worn to summer events and parties thanks to its satin material that keeps you cool, but the dark color and style are consistent with styles popular in other seasons.