The Key Spring/Summer Trends You’ll Be Rocking in 2022

Photo: Rye Bon

It might still be cold and gray outside, but it won’t be too long before the first signs of Spring start to appear, and as you know, it is never too early to start working on the next season’s wardrobe, so let’s take a look at the key trend you’re likely to be rocking in Spring and Summer 2022.

Micro Minis

The thing about skirt sizes is that they always go up and down. Throughout history, women have veered from floor-length bustle skirts to thigh-skimming minis and in 2022, we are pleased to reveal that the mini skirt is set not only for a comeback but also to be shorter than ever.

Yes, everyone from Prada to Miu Miu has included skirts that barely conceal one’s underwear in their collections so this is a trend that is sure to be big when the warmer weather comes along, and it’s not just skirts, jean shorts that barely conceal a thing are set to be big news too. Might be time to take the scissors to some of your best skirts and trousers!

Photo: Ekaterina Belinskaya

Motorcycle chic

Leather is rarely out of style but the classic biker look does drop in and out, In Spring and Summer of 2022 it is sure to be in, but maybe with a more modern twist. Mixing leather with classic denim, but adding feminizing touches like puffball sleeves or frilly shirts is the set to be the next big thing with everyone from Alexander McQueen to Simone Rocha getting in on the act. Denim, leather, studs, and a little bit of feminine chic are all you need to pull off this laid-back look, motorcycle optional!

Photo: Viki_B

The Bold and the Beautiful

Neutrals may be easier to match, but if you’re seen in anything less than the brightest hues this Spring and Summer season, then you will be doing your fashion credentials a great disservice. This year is set to be the year of bright, bold colors, From Fuschia pinks to jewel greens and banana yellows, blocks of bold color are set to be very much in. More than that, if you want to be a true fashionista, you will be wearing bold separates in contrasting colors to ensure you really stand out and make an impact. From Valentino to Halperm all of the big fashion houses have been working on their color palates for this coming season and it has been a roaring success. 

Photo: Polina Kovaleva

Dramatic backs

Instead of making an entrance this Spring, we will all be looking to make an exit by embracing the trend for big trains, exposed backs, and impressive detailing on the rear of our outfits, keeping the front quite plain, This is a trend that is pretty dramatic, but which almost anyone can find a way of pulling off so you don’t have to go for trains that stretch several feet like Prada, just find a way of making the back of your outfit more interesting than the front! 

If you sport any of these styles in S/S 2022, you’re sure to be on-trend so start updating your wardrobe right now!