Simple Tips to Help You Cultivate Parisian Style

Photo: Laura Chouette

Paris, France, is not just popular for its romantic scenery, beautiful architecture, and exquisite cuisine, but the city women really understand how to dress. This post will present you with excellent fashion tips we managed to get from real Parisians!

Bear these in mind whenever you stand in front of your closet. Also, do not forget that being a femme fatale does not need a huge amount of money. After all, this is all about how you present yourself.

  1. Always look for quality

High-quality clothing not just keeps you stunning for longer, but it creates an expensive and chic look Parisian women all have. The cheap clothing you purchased for a few dollars won’t do that trick.

Thus, as the French women would often day, always pick quality over quantity. It will help if you purchase one good pair of neutral-colored trousers you can wear for different events than a set of cheap jeans in different colors.

You don’t need to go ahead to costly designer stores. Often, your local department stores can provide a great selection of quality clothes.

  1. Straight-leg jeans

Did you know that chic, straight-leg jeans are form-fitting and right for the French aesthetic? The Parisian have a lovely way of effortlessly combining low and high fashion. To master that, you can pair jeans along with a silk blouse for a simple, put-together look.

  1. A chic blazer

A chic blazer is another excellent way to dress down or dress up pieces that the Parisian use so well. It is a staple item for the closet, which could be worn five days a week to work or at night when you are going out for a concern.

That kind of item is worth shelling out some extra bucks, as it will be an investment you seek.

  1. Accessorized minimally with your sunglasses

Fashionable Parisians never wear more than two different accessories on a single outfit. It can either be sunglasses like the Rectangle Gucci GG0012O glasses or an earring with a bracelet.

Also, Coco Chanel mentioned that you must always remove one item from your entire ensemble whenever you leave your house. Keep that rule in mind, and you’ll never overdo your look ever again. Choose either one or two smaller pieces, and you’re good to go.

  1. Wear the staple color—black

If there are a few things more Parisian than a scarf, there are more Parisian colours than black. The beauty of black is that it has a way of uplifting your look. Don’t forget that black is elegant, timeless, and regal at the same time.

  1. A tan trench coat

A trench coat is worth investing in. A good piece of this is the ultimate way to pull together your look in no time.

  1. Oversized sweater

A big sweater is a deal for winter and autumn, and it offers that specific supermodel esque. On top of that, an oversized sweater tells the entire world that you are not trying too hard (in a good way. That’s quite Parisian.

There you have it! Now you understand the basics of the Parisian look. Feel free to experiment with your wardrobe.