People Are Obsessed With High Fashion At The Moment. Here’s Why.

Have you noticed that people are getting a little more obsessed than usual with high-fashion? Yes, it was popular before the pandemic struck. But the level of interest in it has skyrocketed, even as the catwalks closed. So what’s going on? Why is this happening?

People Want The Status

Photo: Tamara Bellis

Fashionable clothes aren’t just about quality (although that’s part of it). They’re also about status. Brands keep prices high to prevent the majority of people from purchasing their labels, which, in turn, drives up desirability even more. 

Social status is all about exclusivity. If you have something that nobody else has (or very few people do), then you can mark yourself apart from them and go into a different class. 

It’s Collectible

High fashion is also collectible – again because of the rarity. It’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on certain items, with many clothes and accessories having long waiting lists. If you shop WatchBox Audemars collection, for instance, you’ll find all kinds of examples of collectible watches. Many of these will retain their value. And some could even go up in price as the years go by if they become more popular in the future. 

You Get A Consistent Quality Of Service

High fashion brands also offer their customers a consistently high service. In exchange for higher prices, they promise customers quality every time and, often, replacement garments if clothing wears out too quickly. 

Consistency is also good for consumers from another perspective – it helps them to keep their wardrobes standard. This way, they know that they can continue buying from the same brand, knowing that every item in the collection will fit with every other. 

Quality Clothing Is Standard

The old saying is that “you get what you pay for.” And that’s true in the clothing and accessory industries too. Nothing is stopping you from buying a cheap watch or a t-shirt for a couple of dollars. But what you get won’t last. It looks good on the store shelf, but after a couple of washes, it’s faded and looking well past its best. 

It’s Fashionable

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez

If you’re somebody who loves clothing, there’s nothing better than waiting for designers to bring out their latest lines. They offer a level of innovation that the mainstream brands simply don’t. For many, the joy of high fashion isn’t in the status that it brings, but the beauty it offers. Designers have a knack of coming up with new designs that just totally work. 

It Provides You With Authenticity

You can buy fake versions of practically every type of fashion clothing if you know where to look. But what many people want is genuine authenticity. They want to feel like they’re getting the real thing, not some knock-off version. 

There are a couple of important reasons for this. First, they want to pay the person who came up with the original design, not just somebody who copied it. And, second, they want to feel like what they’re getting is the genuine article, even if it is materially indistinguishable from copycat products.