Tribal Trap: The Label Leading the Trap Industry

Tribal Music Group is a collection of record labels with over two million followers worldwide. Some of the most popular labels under this group are Tribal Trap, Trap Music Movement,, Diverge Records, Cruise Ctrl, and F*ck Genres.

One of the leading labels in this group is Tribal Trap. The label started back in 2014 and still maintains its consistency at topping the charts. Here’s a quick overview of the followers and subscribers of Tribal Trap that will give you an idea of its popularity:

  • More than 800,000 YouTube subscribers
  • More than 750,000 followers on Spotify
  • More than 150,000 followers on Soundcloud

In addition to so many followers, there is also a significant presence of Tribal Trap on various social platforms.

Focus on EDM

Electronic dance music or EDM is now one of the most popular music genres in the world. There are millions who listen to this type of music, and thousands attend Tomorrowland every year. Tribal Trap focuses on making EDM-based music. One of its listeners said, “We like to groove and dance when we listen to music. That’s our style. We don’t prefer songs where we have to sit down and nod our heads. Instead, we like to bang our hands when we listen to EDM songs.

While rock, jazz, and other music genres are still the favorites of many, EDM is now the best alternative to those who don’t want to limit themselves to listening to romantic hits anymore. Our music came at a time when the music scene was quite volatile. People didn’t know whether to accept EDM or reject it. We are fortunate that most of them gave EDM a chance.”

Coping with competition

With many independent music labels now producing trap music, how is Tribal Trap coping with the competition? A core member says, “Tribal Trap stood out from the rest because of its powerful and consistent releases. We’ve been in the scene for what, something like 7 years now and are still around, still uploading a new track each day – this type of consistency is rare. It gives us immense pleasure to become a part of good and exciting projects that come our way. We are fortunate that so many producers agreed to work with us over the years. We’re not afraid of competition and confident we’ll be around & thriving even 10 years from now.”

The label plans to work with new producers and artists to expand its network. However, with such a huge fan following, it is safe to say that EDM or the trap music genre is in capable hands.