Who Were the Highest-Paid Musicians In 2020?

Image Source: Pixabay

Some people want to become a recording artist due to their passion; others see the money and fame that comes with this kind of job. Many of the top selling musicians out there right now are making millions and this is due to a number of factors. Musicians earn money from streaming, ticket sales, merchandise and much more.

To show just how much our favourite musicians can make, we thought we would look at who the highest-paid musicians were in 2020 here in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

Taylor Swift

Right at the top of our list is Taylor Swift, an artist who offers a mix of pop and country music. Taylor has been on the scene for many years now and makes a lot of money. However, according to the Celeb Network, there has been some debate recently over who really owns her music. In 2019, it was reported that Taylor made $185 million – an incredible amount of money.

Kanye West

Next on our list is rapper Kanye West who is reported to have made $150 million in 2019. Kanye switched his focus in recent years moving from rap to a gospel feel. Kanye made a lot of money from promoting his newfound faith and setting up his own church. He released an album which is sure to have contributed toward this figure.

Ed Sheeran

If you have paid attention to pop music over recent years, then you will have likely heard of Ed Sheeran. While Ed is known for taking breaks in his career to write and live his life, he managed to earn $110 million in 2019. This is likely due to music that is being played almost everywhere in the US, the UK and other countries around the world. Ed has a huge fanbase and so it makes sense that he would make our list.

The Eagles

The next musician on our list is actually a band and they are The Eagles. This band was reported to have made $100 million in 2019, putting them just slightly under Ed Sheeran – although really by $10 million. The Eagles might not be as popular with the mainstream youth market as others on our list, but they are certainly still making a lot of money.

Elton John

Finally, we have Elton John, a musician who has been around for many years now. Elton John reportedly made $84 million last year and is continuing to bring in the cash. Recently, a movie was made featuring his music named Rocketman. This could have led to his large income.

Final Verdict

Many of the biggest stars in the music industry are making millions and this is due to fans listening all of the time. With streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify making it easier to listen, these stars are set to make even more in 2020. Make sure to keep an eye on these musicians to see what they do in 2020.