How To Determine What Your Hair Type Is

Your hair care should not be based only on buying a shampoo and a hair conditioner on a regular basis and nothing else. It is also about knowing your hair type and finding hair care products that fit it best, as well as using correct washing and styling techniques. On top of that, you might want to be able to cut it on your own and find a pair of silver or rose gold scissors that will help you do it quickly and effectively.

Considering this, defining your hair type is essential for good hair care. However, it may be challenging to do that all by yourself. You may want to ask your hairstylist for help or use our short guide that you will find below! It contains helpful advice that will make determining your hair type very easy. Check it out!

Photo; engin Akyurt

Determining Your Hair Type

Trying to find out what your hair type is might sound like a really complicated task. However, that is not really the case. You do not need to be a scientist or a specialist to do it.

You should start with examining your hair. There are three basic hair types – straight, wavy, and curly. These types are determined by the way in which your hair grows. Next, you will have to figure out whether you have thin, thick or coarse hair.

Additionally, you can examine the color and condition of your scalp to determine the health of your hair. If you can spot really dark or red spots on your scalp, it means that either you are not washing it properly or that the hair care products that you are using are not serving you well.

You should be able to deduce what your hair type is after paying attention to the things mentioned above. If you are not sure whether you will be able to do it on your own, get in touch with a hair stylist. They should be able to do it for you in no time!

Most Popular Types of Hair

There are quite a few popular types of hair out there. They are what hair care product manufacturers base their products on. Do you want to know what they are? If that is the case, then keep on reading!

Fine / Thin

Your strands are fine and thin if they are hard to comb and break easily while you are styling it. They might be smooth and shiny after you wash them, but they tend to lack volume. If that description matches your hair, you should use hair care products for damaged hair and stay away from blow-dryers and other tools that generate heat.

Damaged / Dry

Your strands are damaged and dry if they break easily when combed or styled with thermal tools. On top of that, they keep on falling out and you are dealing with flyaways on a regular basis. If your hair matches that description, you should use shampoos for damaged and dry hair, as well as high-quality hair masks.

Oily / Greasy

It is extremely easy to tell if you have greasy hair. For instance, you might be forced to wash your hair every single day. Otherwise, it will look really bad and heavy because of the excess oil. Fortunately, there are plenty of hair care products out there that should help you out in no time, including strong shampoos for oily hair that will help your hair stay fresh for at least two days.


Color-treated hair is the easiest one to identify. If you are using a hair dye on a regular basis, your hair is definitely color-treated. If you want to keep it healthy, there are quite a few things that you will have to pay attention to.

Most importantly, you should wash your hair less frequently than you usually would. After all, the more often you wash it, the quicker the color will fade. On top of that, you should opt for a high-quality shampoo that is meant for color-treated hair, as it will not wash the color away.

In Conclusion

As you can see, figuring out what your hair type is is not that difficult. You just have to examine your hair very carefully and try to determine what their main characteristics are. After you are done, you should be able to take care of your hair with ease.

If you are not sure what your hair type is, it is perfectly fine! Getting in touch with a professional is always a viable option. They should be able to help you out in no time!