Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair in 3 Easy Ways

During humid and rainy days, frizz may seem unavoidable. Often, frizz can occur as a result of insufficient moisture in your hair. This makes it easy for your hair to trap moisture or water from the environment causing frizz. It is without a doubt that hair structure is complex and it is made up of many cells and three layers. The outer layer acts as a shingled roof. Therefore, when your hair is straight and smooth, the shingles tend to lie flat. However, when you brush curly and dry hair, you lift up the shingles, hence creating frizz on your hair leading to another bad hair day.

With that, you may want to get rid of frizz using the best vacuum clippers or different hair products. These may not work as desired. What do you do? This piece takes a look at 3 easy ways to get rid of frizzy hair.

  1. Condition like a pro

Getting rid of frizzy hair starts in the shower. Wash your hair with the best hair shampoo and condition it. Gentle products help to repair and nourish your hair. In this case, take time to purchase a good shampoo with moisturizers. Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients because they dry out your hair even more.

Find a protein-rich conditioner as it conditioners your hair, manages frizz and creates a healthy and nice shine. Always leave the conditioner for at least 5 minutes before washing it out.

You can also try a leave-in conditioner to inject more moisture to your hair shafts. In this case, use a leave in that has rich ingredients including Shea Soft butter. It detangles your hair, promotes healthy growth and excellent shine.

  1. Master the art of drying your hair

When drying your hair, do it in a way that it will not tangle your hair. This worsens frizz. After washing your hair, squeeze out any excess water using the best microfiber towel. It is gentle, doesn’t tangle hair and works best on different hair types.

If you choose to blow dry your hair, do it in a way that will not damage your hair. Blow dry hair roots only as it lifts up your hair without drying hair tips and shaft. Most importantly, use a blow dryer that has a diffuser. It works by limiting the amount of heat that is blasted on your hair roots.

It’s also important that you smooth your hair using a boar bristle brush or a round brush as you blow dry. It smooths hair cuticles while getting rid of frizz.

Avoid flat and curling irons as they get rid of the hair moisture that helps to prevent frizz.

  1. Practise damage control

Despite your best efforts to get rid of frizz, your strands may still go haywire. This is why you should always go easy on your hair and keep a smoothing product at hand. A priming basecoat, for example, helps to tame stubborn hair strands and reactivate the roots. Avoid using a hand cream as a quick way to fix a frizz.

A hot oil massage is equally important in managing frizz. Make a home hot oil using virgin olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, rosemary or coconut oil. Warm the oil you choose in a pot, let it cool and then apply it to your scalp. Massage gently from root to top. Cover your hair using a towel, or plastic bag and let it stay for an hour or so. Shampoo and condition the hair to remove the oil. The treatment not only gets rid of frizz but it also promotes healthy hair growth.

Apart from hot oil treatment, you can consider an olive oil and avocado mask, or simply use a raw egg to hydrate your hair.

With these 3 easy ways, you can infuse moisture to your hair and get rid of frizz even in your bad hair days.