Mouthful: Tyler Shields solo exhibition in LA

Tyler Shields' Mouthful starts May 20th

Check out Tyler Shields’ solo exhibition Mouthful, open for your delectation from 20th May in Los Angeles from 10am-6pm. A variety of Tyler’s instantly iconic photographs will be on display – including those featuring the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Tamara Eccelstone, Heather Morris, Josh Hutcherson and Francesca Eastwood.

For more on Tyler’s works, read FAULT‘s exclusive interview here:

FAULT: Any plans for a self portrait?

Tyler: Yes! I have done a couple over the years, but I am getting ready to embark on a series of them which should be pretty fun and very dangerous.

FAULT: With shooting so many celebrities, are you ever worried you’ll b viewed as “celeb photographer”as opposed to an artist?

Tyler: Not at all. Some people have only seen the work I do with actors and that’s fine to me the reason I shoot actors is they have the ability to help create what I want its the talent not the fame I am interested in.

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