FAULT Favourite – Artist Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields is a Los Angeles based Artist. Shield’s started his career by directing music videos. Tyler has worked with various forms of media including video portraits, painting and is a published author. Tyler is best known for his photography. FAULT caught up with Tyler to find out more about his innovative imagery, inspirations and upcoming show May 20th at the ACE Gallery in Los Angeles.

Tyler Shields

FAULT: Tyler how are you?

Tyler: I am amazing.

FAULT: Can you tell us about your background, How did you get into

Tyler: I was directing music videos then one day I took a photo and
everyone who saw it loved it.  So I added a photography section to my website
and it started to get all this attention. The funny thing it was only 1 photo
from there people started asking me to shoot them and it was never the same
after that.

FAULT: With most celebrities being very *conscientious *about image, how do manage to get them to go for your concepts?

Tyler: They are artists and they get excited about making art together.  Its all for expression people want to be apart of something, like this its exactly why they started doing what they do and often times they are not given the freedom.

FAULT: Sex, drugs, blood consistent theme throughout your work, what in
particular is about blood is that you are drawn too?

Tyler: Blood is the one common thing we all share doesn’t matter where you are from everyone speaks the language of blood.

FAULT: Any plans for a self portrait?

Tyler: Yes! I have done a couple over the years, but I am getting ready to embark on a series of them which should be pretty fun and very dangerous.

FAULT: With shooting so many celebrities, are you ever worried you’ll be
viewed as “celeb photographer”as opposed to an artist?

Tyler: Not at all some people have only seen the work I do with actors and that’s fine to me the reason I shoot actors is they have the ability to help create what I want its the talent not the fame I am interested in.

FAULT: What’s been the biggest challenge in your career so far?

Tyler:Staying alive! I don¹t use photo-shop. I am out there doing it all Ive been hit by cars, broken ribs and fractured my neck its crazy out there

FAULT: Who would you love to shoot/work with most?

Tyler: Floyd Mayweather, Kiera Knighlty, Nick Cage and Clooney.

FAULT: What’s the Los Angeles Art scene like?

Tyler: I don’t know its not often that I go anywhere other then to shoot, but I do know a lot of people make things here this town is filled with dreamers all trying to create reality.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Tyler: My show Mouthful which is may 19th, a TV show which comes out may 20th my second novel Richest Man which is out end of May and The Dirty Side of Glamour which I am not sure of the release date.

FAULT: Can you tell us about your upcoming show MOUTHFUL at ACE Gallery?

Tyler: Mouthful, will have a lot of unreleased work from a lot of people Francesca Eastwood, Emma Roberts and Mischa Barton are the 3 who are in it the most!

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Tyler: Chaos

To see more of Tyler’s work please visit his site – TYLER SHIELDS

Special thanks to Fraser Kee Scott