Marie Polo Presents Tuneko: A Sensorial Water Exploration Through The Arts

marie polo

Photography: Sara Herrlander

Get ready for an unforgettable artistic journey like no other! French artist and filmmaker Marie Polo is about to blow your mind with her latest masterpiece, TUNEKO. The immersive experience will ignite your senses and transport you into a world where water takes centre stage. This extraordinary exhibition is set to redefine the boundaries of art and leave you in awe.

TUNEKO, inspired by the French phrase “tout n’est qu’eau,” meaning “all is only water,” is an interdisciplinary marvel that combines video, performance, costume, and set design. It’s an invitation to rediscover the power and significance of water, the lifeblood of our planet. Polo’s tireless exploration into the essence of water has led to this breathtaking creation—an ode to the liquid that sustains us all.

The spatial 4DSOUND technology by William Russell will make you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of sound while inside the MONOM space, while the dazzling 3D lighting installation by DRAGON LedPulse adds a touch of magic. And let’s not forget the incredible water-inspired costumes from Elodie Castensen’s Alluvial collection, adorning the talented dancers Hava Hudry, Natisa KA, Pascale Saly-Giocanti, and the visionary Marie Polo herself!

At the beginning of the performance, we were instructed to walk around and view the presentation from all angles while becoming immersed in the sounds of water bolero composed by Paul Behnam and movements of the performers. TUNEKO goes beyond a traditional screening—it’s an interactive journey of discovery. Before the screening, there was also a reflexology walk a path of differing textures which is carefully crafted by Polo and her artistic partner, Edouard Burgeat. In the background, Berlin-based collective Magnificent Matter presents projections of water textures and pigments magnified under a microscope.

Marie Polo is no ordinary artist. Her immersive screenings and debut feature film, HUBRIS, have taken the world by storm. Despite the challenges of the past year, Polo’s determination and passion have brought her unique experiences to audiences across the globe. Her work as a dance and holistic massage therapist adds a profound dimension to her art, offering healing sessions that touch both the body and soul.

TUNEKO is just the beginning of Polo’s remarkable journey. Her dedication to wildlife preservation and raising awareness of nature’s preciousness has seen her collaborating with the groundbreaking Wild Immersion, a virtual animal reserve endorsed by none other than Jane Goodall herself. And if that’s not enough, Polo is also working on her autobiography, “30,” which promises to be a riveting tale of inspiration and creativity

TUNEKO is set to revolutionise the way we experience art and reconnect us with the life force that is water and while we don’t consider puns to be high art, be sure to dive into the experience this Sunday, (28.06) at Monopol Berlin. Tickets for the Sunday showing can be purchased here: