Cat Footwear’s Eco Intruder Puts A Sustainable and Vegan Twist on a Classic

Cat Footwear Eco Intruder

Cat Footwear just announced the launch of the ‘Eco Intruder,’ a more sustainable and vegan version of their classic Intruder style. This bold and overbuilt chunky trainer is not only inspired by Cat Footwear’s work and industrial heritage but is also paving the way for environmentally friendly fashion choices.

The Eco Intruder is made using Piñatex®, a plant-based and natural leather alternative derived from pineapple fibers. This innovative material offers numerous benefits while reducing the environmental impact of fashion production. Piñatex® requires no extra land, water, or pesticides to produce as it is a byproduct of existing agriculture. This means it contributes to sustainable farming practices and provides an additional income stream for farming communities.

By partnering with Piñatex®, Cat Footwear ensures that the quality of their products remains uncompromised. The material is not only high-performance and water-resistant but also lightweight and durable, guaranteeing longevity and comfort.

Cat Footwear Eco Intruder

The Eco Intruder features a removable EVA footbed for added comfort, a soft and breathable nylon mesh sock lining, a durable and lightweight EVA midsole, and a nylon mesh lining. These elements ensure a comfortable and supportive fit while maintaining the shoe’s distinct style.

Cat Footwear’s commitment to sustainability and innovation shines through the creation of the Eco Intruder. By embracing Piñatex® and offering consumers an eco-friendly choice, they demonstrate their dedication to responsible fashion. The Eco Intruder is not only a stylish addition to your wardrobe but also a step towards a more sustainable future.

The shoes are available for purchase at a retail price of £115 on the Cat Footwear website ( Join the movement towards sustainable fashion and make a statement with Cat Footwear’s Eco Intruder, where style meets conscience.