Beyoncé Rocks KWK by KAY KWOK Designs For the Renaissance Tour!

KWK by KAY KWOK X Beyonce

Words: Miles Holder

Hold on to your seats, BeeHive, because the one and only Beyoncé can be seen wearing London-based designer Kay Kwok from KWK by KAY KWOK.

Kay Kwok, the design director of KWK by KAY KWOK, has become the first Hong Kong designer to work hand in hand with the mega superstar herself, Beyoncé. The awe-inspiring creation, a 3D printing custom-made art piece, has been featured in the iconic Renaissance Tour book. Can you imagine the level of creativity and innovation that went into this masterpiece?

The dazzling art piece is part of the Chapter 2 collection, which Kay Kwok showcased during London Fashion Week. KWK by KAY KWOK is a brand that embodies the essence of fashion, digital exploration, and the future. They challenge the boundaries of convention, inviting wearers and observers to break free from rigid structures. With a genderless, experimental approach, KWK collections transcend traditional fashion stereotypes. Prepare to be mesmerized by their avant-garde, futuristic vision!


Let’s talk about the mastermind behind this phenomenal collaboration – designer Kay Kwok himself. After completing his Master’s degree in Menswear Fashion from the prestigious London College of Fashion, Kay Kwok made waves in the industry. In 2012, he made history by becoming the first HK winner of Mittelmoda The Fashion Award, a remarkable achievement.

In 2013, Kay Kwok launched his eponymous label, Kay Kwok, captivating the fashion world with his futuristic aesthetic and experimental spirit. He made his mark as the first Hong Kong menswear designer to showcase his collection at London Fashion Week. Suzy Menkes, the legendary fashion editor at The New York Times, even praised his debut collection, sponsored by GQ China. It’s safe to say that Kay Kwok is a true trailblazer in the industry!

His extraordinary talent doesn’t stop at fashion design alone. Kay Kwok has collaborated with renowned international brands, artists, and musicians like Sony, Nike, and Aaron Kwok. But of course, the cherry on top is his collaboration with none other than Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé! Their partnership has undoubtedly elevated the world of fashion to new heights.

So, dear fashion enthusiasts, prepare to be captivated by the magic that KWK by KAY KWOK and Beyoncé have created together. This extraordinary collaboration between a visionary designer and an iconic superstar is an absolute game-changer. Keep your eyes peeled for the ?Renaissance? Tour book, where you’ll witness the fusion of art, fashion, and pure brilliance.


Get ready to be inspired, as KWK by KAY KWOK takes us on a journey into the future of fashion. The world is buzzing with anticipation, eagerly waiting to witness the rise of a new-age human – bold, unapologetic, and digitally avant-garde. We salute Beyoncé and Kay Kwok for their groundbreaking collaboration and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next! Stay tuned, fashionistas!