The Boyz FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Photographer : 2eehyein
Stylist: Park Jungah, Ahn Yuna, Cheon Seulgi, Park Yeri

Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the talented and dynamic boy group, THE BOYZ. With their infectious sound and captivating performances, they have taken the K-pop scene by storm, captivating fans around the world. We’ll be diving into their journey as a group, their latest projects, and their hopes for the future. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How do you typically decide on your concepts and themes for each album and era?

Kevin: First of all, we think about whether we want to continue with what we did in the previous album, or whether we want to do something different. After that, we get demos and try to match the mood of the songs.

Q: After a long meeting, the company will decide on the concept and theme to a certain extent, and after that, all the members summarize their thoughts and ideas together and share them with the company.

Sunwoo: The company will make the basic idea, and the members will create the details.

Which is your favorite song to perform on stage, and why?

Younghoon: My favorite song is “ROAR,” the title track of our most recent mini 8th album “Be Awake,” because we can show the B our dance and intense performance.

Juyeon: I think my favorite song to perform on stage is “MAVERICK” from our 3rd single album because it’s so powerful and I think it’s a great song to build up the tension.

New: We have a fan song called ‘Timeless’, I think that’s my favorite and the most memorable one. At the finale of our first world tour ‘The B Zone’ in Seoul, our fans did an event for us, and I remember that scene a lot.

Eric: I love all the songs we perform on stage, but I think the best one is ‘Thrill Ride’. The song itself is exciting, but the fan chant is also exciting, so it’s fun and happy to perform on stage.

Can you share any funny or memorable moments from your time as a group?

Jacob: The moments with the members are all memorable and fun, but I think the most fun and memorable moments are the ones where we talk to the B and give each other strength.

Hyunjae: Preparing for comebacks, concerts, etc. Practicing with all the members to get the harmonies right and cheer each other on.

Juhaknyeon: I think the most memorable moment was when we made our debut. I can still vividly remember the moment of joy with the members.

Eric: I don’t think I can pick one in particular, but I think the most fun I have is just hanging out in the practice room with the members, especially when we play soccer together before practice starts and we always end up buying coffee and ice cream because Younghoon or Juyeon lost!

What are your goals and plans for the future, both as a group and individually?

Sangyeon: As a team, is to get to a place where everyone recognizes that. As an individual, my goal is to build up my personal career so that I can showcase my talents as much as possible whenever and wherever I can.

Hyunjae: As a team, I would like to travel to more different countries and meet all of The B around the world. And as an individual, I would like to grow through various entertainment activities.

Kevin: As a team, we want to expand further around the world. And as Kevin, I want to be an artist who has a good impact on our fans, and that’s my biggest driving force.

Sunwoo: I think I have a lot more to show musically, both as a team and as an individual. I want to put out more work in the future and show it to The B.


What is one aspect of your artistry which you feel you don’t speak about enough?

Juyeon: Musically, I’d like to be more diverse than I am now, and if I get the chance, I’d like to show the fans a lot of different, colorful sides.
New: I think there’s a lot that I haven’t shown. I’d like to get closer to our fans and everyone and show them a lot more.

Q: We still have a lot to show, so we want to show more diverse performances and music in the future.


What’s been the hardest hurdle to overcome as musicians?

Kevin: The hardest part was during the coronavirus when we had to perform without an audience. I almost cried when we performed in person afterward, because I felt the importance of The B even more.
Younghoon: I think the hardest part is trying something for the first time because you’re nervous, but having the members and The B by my side gave me strength.

Juhaknyeon: I don’t think there’s any particular obstacle that I can think of. Maybe it’s because I think I’m invincible with the members and The B.


What was the most exciting part of making Be Awake?

Sangyeon: Being able to show a side of us that we haven’t shown before. It was interesting to create a good stage with a new concept together.
Jacob: The music video shoot for the title track “ROAR” was the most memorable. It was a little difficult to shoot for four days, but I had a lot of energy and fun with the members, and I’m glad we got good results.

Juyeon: This 8th mini album is connected to our previous 7th mini album ‘WHISPER’, and we were excited to show a lot of new sides of ourselves with our performance of ‘ROAR’.

Eric: When writing lyrics, recording, and the things you envision are slowly becoming a reality, and you can see it as a complete song. I think every moment of working on a song is exciting.


What is your FAULT?

Younghoon: Is that I only know The B.
Hyunjae: I’m a very shy person!
Sunwoo: I’m very ticklish.