Five Fashion Labels To Follow This April 2023

Five Fashion Labels To Follow This April 2023

Words: Miles Holder

I’m forever on the lookout for new and exciting Fashion Labels To Follow on Instagram and this week I’ve compiled a list of the absolute best! I’ve scoured the depths of my feed to bring you five of the most eye-catching fashion brands that I fell in love this week. 

Disclaimer: I am proudly Berlin based so my algorithm may have been skewed, nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the creativity and diversity of the brands that caught my eye this week so let’s dive in! 


Are you ready to hear about the fashion brand that’s taking the industry by storm? Say hello to Perte D’Ego! This incredible brand is founded on two core beliefs: creating one-of-a-kind, “Euphoria” inducing pieces in a sustainable and ethical manner and preserving traditional techniques and craftsmanship. But that’s not all – Perte D’Ego is all about “necessary luxury.” They believe that true luxury comes from the resources and hard work that goes into making each piece by hand, while ensuring that the artisans who make them can feed their families and live healthy, happy lives. And their zero waste philosophy is a game-changer – by producing pieces in small batches, they eliminate wastage and excess inventory. It’s clear that Perte D’Ego is more than just a fashion brand – they’re a force for good in the industry!

Hund Hund

Heard about HUND HUND? This small studio based in Berlin is making big waves in the fashion world here! Founded by creative director Isabel Kücke and her partner Rohan Hoole, HUND HUND is all about creative experimentation, social and environmental mindfulness, and producing high-quality fashion pieces that are accessible for creative workers. With their two-person design team, they produce hundreds of unique styles each year, using fabrics sourced from their favorite luxury brands and artisanal mills. And that’s not all – HUND HUND also uses their platform to spotlight meaningful stories and individuals, publishing interviews both online and in print through their studio magazine. It’s clear that HUND HUND is more than just a fashion label – it’s a community-minded studio with a passion for creativity and sustainability! While their sleek and minimal style caught my thumb on instagram, their passion for everything they do is what held my attention.

Olaf Hussein

Elevate your style with OLAF HUSSEIN! This fashion brand is all about creating connections, sparking new ideas, and sharing experiences. They work together with friends and people who want to be part of their movements to create inspiring moments, spaces, and objects. OLAF HUSSEIN takes inspiration from cultures, countries, and citizens across the globe to create timeless everyday staples with a modern twist. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion and living life to the fullest is contagious. Their Citizen interview series caught my eye and it’s a joy to see how they challenge the norm with both their collections and editorial pieces.


Launched in 2021 by Mario Keine, this brand breaks the mould and creates collections that allow you to explore different shapes of aesthetic. With a rich canon of inspiration from historic decades and future epochs, MARKE puts products in a new context by playing with conventional and alternative approaches. Plus, MARKE is committed to sustainability, with all items manufactured on a “made-to-order” basis and fabrics sourced from over- and deadstock to minimize environmental impact. Made in Germany by local craftsmen and women, MARKE’s collections will take your fashion game to the next level while also making a positive impact on the planet.

Dhruv Kapoor

Prepare to be dazzled by Dhruv Kapoor, the brand that embodies fearless self-expression, twisted modernity, and a powerful emotional current. Since its inception in 2013, this label has been synonymous with revolution, transformation, and independence, with a fierce focus on breaking archaic gender norms. Kapoor weaves empowerment into every garment, inspiring confidence and individuality with every collection. With an eye for detail and a focus on tailoring, each piece is a masterpiece of custom-developed fabrics and eclectic materials. Transcending generations and redefining convention, the brand thrives on innovation, freedom, and empowerment. And with a designer as talented as Dhruv Kapoor, it’s no surprise that he’s received numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of the 50 most influential young Indians by GQ India.

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