What to Wear to a Casino? The Best Outfits for Going to an Australian Casino

Photo: Laura Tancredi

Because of movies and video games, casino outfits are associated with luxurious three-piece suits and evening dresses. However, these images are far from reality. Nowadays, casinos allow all forms of clothing, but there are still some ideas it’s best to be aware of. Below you can read about what’s allowed and forbidden in terms of casino outfit variations, the best looks for the best playing, lucky suits, and how to use clothing in player-to-player games.

Casino Outfit Requirements

Casinos allow you to wear almost anything you wish – from tuxedoes to T-shirts. But, unlike Australian online casinos, there are still limitations in both look and functionality. Experts advise choosing smart casino clothing. Your casino clothing should not only be nice but also useful, able to increase your winning chances and amounts.

First of all, perfect casino wear is:

  • Convenient and appropriate to the casino’s conditions
  • Comfortable, without impeding movement or causing itching
  • Habitual for you
  • Based on a style that is common and familiar to other casino guests
  • Able to boost your self-confidence

In general, casual, business and classic, chic, and glam are optimal styles that meet these requirements and suit all kinds of players.

Pro players may use more or less catchy styles in player-to-player casino games. This is done to either pretend to be a rookie and lull other players’ attention or to distract them from the game.

Casual Suit

Casual is the best choice for pro players with varied strategies. It includes a wide range of casino outfit ideas: trousers, jeans, shirts, sweaters, jackets, and various types of shoes. This allows for a restrained and comfortable look. Guests in casual clothing may concentrate on playing instead of being distracted by tight clothing, quickly move between machines and tables, and save energy when playing the whole night. However, casual clothing is associated with natural behavior that does not attract much attention, so extroverts may dislike it.

Business or Classic Suit

A business suit is the most traditional VIP men’s casino outfit. High-quality two-piece and three-piece business suits are as comfortable as casual jeans but look more respectable. Nowadays, they are worn by both men and women. Business or classic suits make others perceive a player as VIP by default. Casino staff are more attentive and competitors pass more easily. Therefore, a business suit is the best option for face-to-face competition in poker and blackjack tournaments.

Chic and Glam Style

Chic and glam are especially good for ladies but more and more gentlemen have started wearing these styles in casinos. Chic and glam combine the elegance of classic suits with a variety of casual styles. A player may create a truly unique, personal casino theme outfit.

However, these styles have several pitfalls. They are designed to attract attention and often have many accessories that may distract not only rivals but you too in the most crucial moments of a game.

Chic and glam looks may also include very uncomfortable details, footwear, or accessories. If you do not wear high heels and a tight belt often, wearing them when making risky decisions is a bad idea.

Lucky Casino Outfits

Many experienced players have lucky casino clothing items, accessories, shoes, or whole suits. They either wear them during their first big win or notice that they win more often while wearing them. It may seem like a simple bias, but there is a psychological basis. Smart Pokies experts consider that lucky clothing brings more self-confidence and focus, and reduces stress-related mistakes, and, as result, losses. If a player has a piece of clothing that comforts them, it should become a regular component of their casino outfit.

VIP Dress Code in Casinos

The classic VIP dress code includes:

  • Evening dress, dark classic pants, or skirt suit for ladies
  • Dark business suit or tuxedo for gentlemen

However, the modern VIP casino dress code has evolved into a more casual style. Among Australian land-based casinos, we did not find one that requires an evening dress or tuxedo. In VIP rooms, Australian players may wear the same clothing as in the main and general areas.

Casino Suit Tips and Tricks

Instead of lucky suits, professional gamblers wear a battle outfit for casino playing. Their main aim is to deceive tablemates and distract them from their cards, dice, tiles, or roulette wheel. Use these efficient and popular ways to achieve that battle outfit look:

  • Monochrome dark suit with a single bright element (a ring with a big gem or a light tie)
  • Suit with a fine geometrical pattern where a 3D pattern can be an advantage
  • Bright orange, red, yellow, and white outfits
  • Sequins and glitter
  • Big symbols and labels
  • Rich makeup with accents on lips as a detail of a casino outfit for ladies
  • Big and shiny hand and head accessories
  • Multipattern and multicolor suits are efficient but most players avoid them because of the risk of seeming ridiculous

Some pro punters choose the opposite strategy: they try to look simple and vulnerable so that their tablemates do not perceive them as rivals. Follow these tips to achieve this look:

  • Light pastel colors, especially brown, grey, and beige
  • Wearing glasses
  • Floral patterns
  • Natural makeup

Obviously, these tricks are based on human psychology, and players cannot count on gaming machines making mistakes because of their looks.

What Not to Wear to Casinos

The casino clothing rules of most establishments forbid entrance in:

  • Ripped, torn, or soiled clothing and shoes
  • Clothing with offensive designs or labels
  • Camouflage uniform and uniform details
  • Sports clothing
  • Work suits and work tank tops
  • Steel cap, rubber gum, and ugg boots

The following clothes are not mentioned in Australian casino clothing rules but it is assumed you will not wear:

  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Pajamas and nightgowns
  • Swimming suits and bathrobes

Casinos do not mind headwear of any style. Therefore, any Australian punter may play pokies or poker in his or her favorite hat or in a headdress required by religion or custom.

However, some casinos’ security staff may ask you to take it off for a while to check a player’s identity.

Makeup and accessories are never mentioned in the requirements for both ladies and gentlemen. However, we recommend avoiding the most eccentric designs.

These requirements are the most common, but not obligatory. Some casinos note them for VIP rooms only, while some do not mention them at all. And remember, you may play without a dress code in the best online casinos.


In general, choosing casino outfits is a small deal. But players often do their best to get the maximum benefit from their looks. A casino outfit may help in both winning a tournament and ruining a promising game. For the best of both worlds, why not visit land-based casinos in your finely selected pro outfits and complement this experience by playing Australian pokies at smartpokies.com in your favorite pajamas.