Popular Travel Destinations for Students

Photo: Guilherme Stecanella

So many countries around the world open their borders to young travelers. Students should enjoy those possibilities while they are free of many adult life responsibilities. Thus, they can easily travel during long summer or winter vacations. Plus, most travel experiences don’t require much money or advance preparations. There are plenty of countries where you can come without a visa or with lots of savings. These are safe, common tourist destinations, especially popular among young travelers. Let’s see the common travel destinations for students in 2023.


Most young people are hopeless romantics. And is there a more romantic place in the world than France? Paris, Provence, Bordeaux, Nice, and so many other French cities are the most popular couple destinations. However, young solo travelers should also consider those cities.

There is much more to them than a romantic atmosphere. Their appeal starts with gorgeous architecture and beautiful nature. After all, these are the common inspirational places for many European and world artists. However, you should also remember ab the delicious food, local wine, and the intriguing French language. You will be transported to a whole new world of colors, smells, and sounds.

The UK

The UK travel experiences come with so many opportunities. For instance, you can focus solely on the ancient pubs of England and Scotland. Indeed, there are centuries-old structures that have always been used as pubs. These are the cultural pearls you can’t miss in Britain.
However, you can also visit numerous museums, art galleries, and other cultural sights. Stonehenge, for example, is a rare sight you really can’t find anywhere else. Sure, England is not the cheapest country to visit. Though there won’t be a language barrier and you can always count on English hospitality. Plus, you will enjoy many student discounts while there.


Indonesia is one of the main travel destinations in South Asia. It lures people with great nature, breathtaking beaches, a nice climate, and easy visa conditions. In fact, Indonesia and Bali, in particular, have become the biggest digital nomads hub in the world. People come here to avoid harsh winters at home while enjoying the tranquility of local islands and low rent prices.

Of course, students have a lot to do in Indonesia, regardless of how tight their budget is. First, it is a highly diverse country regarding cultures and ethnicities. So you will easily blend in as long as you respect local norms, dress codes, and customs.

However, because of such diversity traveling to Indonesia feels like being in several countries at once. You will hear multiple languages on the street and find all kinds of South Asian and world cuisines. Meanwhile, you can also visit numerous cultural and religious sights and learn about rich Indonesian history.


If you consider traveling to South Asia, Thailand is another must-go on your list. This country is the center of tourist life in the region. Many come here first, as the flights to Thailand are the most affordable and frequent across all of Asia. However, you can’t just get in and out of Thailand without spending at least a week or two there.

Thailand is affordable, versatile, and very touristic, in a good sense. Even inexperienced travelers will have an easy time navigating and exploring Thailand. It has plenty of tourist attractions and cultural sights. You can find a hostel or hotel on every corner. Plus, people mainly speak English, so there wouldn’t be a language barrier.

Often, most tourists stay in the South of Thailand. They come for island life which includes gorgeous white beaches and a very laid-back lifestyle. However, you can also travel to the North, and the city has a more familiar urban scene. You can find busy city centers, great dining experiences, and many religious sites to explore there.


All students close to South America must plan a trip to Peru. Of course, all the hiking enthusiasts, outdoors lovers, and history geeks already know the advantages of such travel. However, Peru is a perfect destination for any young person. First, it is a very welcoming country. You will find the people and culture to be very open and pleasant. The cozy little streets are full of unique architecture and colorful buildings. The dining experience will be like nowhere at home. One dish will keep you full for a day.

However, the true gem of this country is, of course, Machu Picchu. People from all over the world come here to visit those ancient ruins and witness the remains of the powerful civilization for themselves. It’s a sight worth seeing. In fact, you should order a history essay from writepaperfor.me to learn more about this amazing place before planning a trip there. You’ll benefit from knowing what exactly you are looking at here.


Mexico is a hurricane of emotions. It is exciting, beautiful, and astonishing at the same time. You will be surprised by the huge crowds in big cities and the peacefulness and warmth in smaller villages. Perhaps, Mexico is best known for its food. Of course, such a cultural achievement should be noted, tried, and praised while you are there. However, the country has much more to offer. It has an active art scene, vibrant nightlife, many urban attractions, and amazing nature to explore. You can enjoy all this by visiting Mexico City alone or traveling along the coastline.