Off-White™ Brings Afrofuturism to Paris Fashion Week: Ib Kamara’s “Lunar Delivery”:

Words: Matthew Neale

Off-White™ is a brand that has been turning heads in the fashion industry since its inception, and its latest collection did not disappoint. The Fall/Winter 2023 collection, entitled “Lunar Delivery,” debuted at Paris Fashion Week, and showcased the designs of creative director Ib Kamara.

Kamara, who took on the role of creative director in April of 2022, presented a collection that was inspired by his love of world-building and his desire to create something that has yet to exist. His collection is punk, sexy, and romantic, drawing inspiration from contemporary culture and reinterpreting West African motifs to conjure a new vision of indigenous civilizations

The collection is an amalgamation of utilitarian elements and refined cuts, with an emphasis on ornateness. The pieces were designed with a futuristic and Afrofuturistic style that adhered to the brand’s founding principles. Kamara updated Off-White™ design codes with an array of punkish leather belts and harnesses that bore silver, metal-punched holes, and an oversized fur coat that provided a glimpse of the layers beneath.

The collection showcased a range of well-tailored, all-black formalwear for both women and men, followed by a series of orange iterations that applied the metal rings directly to shorts and skirts. Knitwear was distressed, with several ombré iterations appearing torn and stretched in yellow, orange, and green tones. Graphic prints decorated collared coats of varying lengths, and statement colours made an appearance in items such as a lemon-yellow, reconstructed puffer jacket.

The varsity elements that appeared on jackets and skirts with embellished detailing, and pearl-like embroidery added opulence to otherwise ruptured sweaters and cardigans. The collection overall showcased that high-end streetwear can be regal and otherworldly.

In a press release, Kamara spoke of the responsibility he feels for the brand’s future and his own creative vision. He described his collection as evading logic in favour of imagination, with a sci-fi inspired look that envisions the future. Despite this, the collection is not about costuming or recreating ageing tropes. It is a fresh take on the brand’s founding principles, updated for the future and designed to inspire a sense of wonder and creativity in those who wear it.

Off-White™ has once again demonstrated why it is one of the most innovative and exciting brands in fashion today. The Fall/Winter 2023 collection is a testament to the creativity and vision of Ib Kamara and a must-see for anyone with a passion for fashion.