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Flawes has been making waves in the alt-pop scene with their infectious melodies and punchy beats. With their new album ‘One Step Back, Two Steps Forward’ set to release on June 9th, the trio is gearing up for a big year ahead. Their latest single ‘Tears Won’t Show’ showcases a darker twist on their core sound, featuring a soulful holler from frontman Josh ‘JC’ Carruthers and a bombastic beat. In this interview, we dive deeper into the making of their new album, their creative process, and their new podcast ‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’. We sat down with the trio to discuss their journey as a band, their latest music, and what’s next for Flawes.

How did the idea for your new podcast ‘Meet At The Hotel Bar’ come about, and what can listeners expect from future episodes?

JC: It was an idea I’ve had for quite a while, and something that the three of us have always wanted to do. We have always met up with other bands whilst on tour and in new cities, so the obvious thought was why not make what we already do into a podcast. Each episode features a very special guest as we delve into their touring history and on/off stage nightmares, all recorded on location in hotel bars across the world. Guests from series one include Chris from Muse, Woody from Bastille, Rhino from Status Quo, Hugh from The Kooks, Ella Eyre, Dan from The Wombats, Thom from The Naked and Famous and Natti from Fickle Friends

You have Ella Eyre on the Pod – how did that collaboration begin?

JC: Fun fact, before starting Flawes I actually used to be Ella’s keyboard player! The podcast episode is basically just us catching up and reminiscing on the 200+ shows we played together over 3 and a half years and all the shenanigans that followed. Expect tales of “cursed” tour nightmares, tour bus crashes in Ireland, why she was expelled from school and why laser quest is the best day off activity!

How does your new single ‘Tears Won’t Show’ represent a shift in your sound from your previous work?

Huss: I think Tears Won’t Show is perhaps a little on the heavier side for flawes. The chorus is so powerful and the production is quite bold. We wanted to make it this way to convey the emotion within the lyrics. Each song on the album has its own sound and can sit on its own and you’d still know it’s still flawes. We’ve certainly been a little bolder throughout the record with our sound in general. But it’s nice to hear those songs sit alongside songs from ‘Highlights’ and ‘Reverie’ in our live show.

What was the inspiration behind the title ‘One Step Back, Two Steps Forward’ for your new album?

Freddie: The title reflects our attitude towards most things in life: be positive through the tough times, and trust that things will be get better. You often have to take a step backwards before things can improve. Whether that’s by ending a toxic relationship or removing yourself from a situation that doesn’t serve you. The songs we wrote for this body of work naturally seemed to fit into one of two categories – they either focused on past situations or on a more positive future, so the tracklisting pretty much wrote itself! We also like the positive spin it puts on the traditional ‘one step forward, two steps back’. Flawes is a reminder to embrace your imperfections as they really do make you who you are!

Can you talk about the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Tears Won’t Show’ and how it relates to your personal experiences?

JC: Tears Won’t Show is all about being messed around by someone that doesn’t know what they want, they have all the power and they know it. It takes me back to a previous relationship of a young, naive JC. The song looks back on what went on and what with the power of hindsight I would have done differently. Tears Won’t Show sits in the first half of the album (one step back) perfectly.


How did you decide which songs to release as singles and why did you choose ‘Tears Won’t Show’ and ‘Is It Any Wonder’?

Huss: Once we had the record finished, JC, Freddie and myself were completely on the same page with which songs we wanted to release as singles. ‘Is It Any Wonder’ made perfect sense to be the first and to be the song we reintroduced ourselves with. It was such a cathartic writing experience and a real sense of togetherness in the studio which we all hold very close. That song showed us that there were brighter times ahead and its rawness and pace were a side of flawes we wanted people to see.
Tears Won’t Show, again, was a different side of flawes that we were eager to show, it represents a darker, heavier side of our music… and if you can get through the chorus without nodding your head, you’re a better man than I am.

Can you talk about the creative process behind writing and recording the album, and any challenges or breakthroughs you experienced?

Freddie: The writing process on this album was especially fun for the three of us as it was the first opportunity we had to collaborate in the same room post pandemic. Our previous EP, ‘Reverie’, was written and recorded remotely, and while that was a cool process, we really missed being able to bounce ideas back and forth in person. We wrote half of this album in London and then finished it off in Red Bull’s LA studio. The American trip was super productive – there must have been something in the air as we came away with a handful of songs that all ended up making the album, most of which are personal favourites!

What was the most memorable moment from your sold-out underplay show at The Grace in London?

Huss: We each loved every second of the show. Looking back at the photos we’re all just smiling the whole way through. Playing live is literally the reason we do this. I think the most memorable moment has to be at the end of the show. We played our new single ‘Don’t Blame Me’ that we had only released that morning… and the crowd sang it so loud, we ended up stopping playing and singing it with them. It was a moment for sure!

What is your FAULT?

Freddie: The band name is all about embracing your flaws. It’s easy to want to strive for perfection in this day and age – we all see very curated feeds across social media and are made to think that everyone else is perfect. We want to spread the message that your imperfections are what make you stand out – try to embrace them! We all have a bunch of faults/flaws and are glad we do!