FAULT Magazine Premiere: Asya Satti Shares New Single and Music Video ‘Drunk Drive’

Asya Satti Shares New Single and Music Video ‘Drunk Drive’

Asya Satti returns with new second single, “Drunk Drive,” and it already has us fawning over its unique blend of styles and cultural influences. The Sudanese-Swedish artist has created a mesmerizing fusion of modern alternative R&B, traditional Sudanese classical guitar, and energizing percussion. The result is a sound that is both contemporary and rooted in the rich musical heritage of Asya’s Sudanese background.

The song itself is a metaphor for the intoxicating feeling of falling for someone, even if it means making reckless decisions. Asya Satti’s seductive vocals are accompanied by a dub-style bassline that adds to the hypnotic quality of the track. The lyrics explore the idea that love can be both liberating and imprisoning, a feeling that is conveyed beautifully in Asya’s emotive performance.

In Asya’s own words:

“I wanted to make sure that watching the video left you feeling something. Melody’s treatment did just that. Shot at night time and capturing the twilight, it’s that in-between moment when time is lost between night and day. I wanted that to echo the loneliness you feel when you’ve lost yourself to someone. It’s just me in the video. I’m mostly dressed in a fiery red dress and revelling in the emotions conjured from the song. It ends less liberated, with me enclosed in the back of the car I’m driving.”

The music video for “Drunk Drive” is directed by Melody Berkery and captures the solitude and yearning that is at the heart of the song. Shot at night, the video showcases the in-between moments when time seems to stand still. Asya Satti ‘s fiery red dress adds to the intensity of the visuals, and the final shot of her enclosed in the back of the car is a powerful metaphor for the risks that come with exposing one’s vulnerabilities. We can’t get enough of the video and can’t wait to hear what’s next to come for the artist.