5 unforgettable experiences while traveling America

The US continues to attract tourists from all corners of the globe for various different reasons which can often be attributed to the unique culture, landmarks, weather and leisure’s that are so often on display.

Photo: Nout Gons

There is plenty of hot commodities and amazing sites to take in whilst travelling across the United States of America which can appease tourists of any particular interest.

The US offers plenty of exciting opportunities and must-visit experiences that a number of tourists will be eager to check off their bucket-list of places to visit, with some destinations offering their fair share of entertainment and intrigue that is sure to keep any optimistic visitor engaged for hours on end as well being an individual moment that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

From attending popular sporting events, to viewing the grandeur of the many charming landmarks located across the nation, these are some of the top events that tourists should look to embark on when travelling across to the US:

  • Watching a college sports game:

The US collegiate sports system is basking with an abundance of popularity and investment from fans across the nation, with this often being the perfect opportunity for newcomers to catch a glimpse at the next wave of sporting talent.

The upcoming NCAA basketball tournament is a tremendous event for all tourists to attend given the raucous crowds that are often on display as well as fans now being able to bet on March Madness with the latest odds presented on the BetUS sportsbook for all college fanatics to view.

There is plenty to digress and take in from the college basketball scene, yet this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most tourists who have taken a keen eye for the sporting events in other countries, with college sports (particularly basketball and football) being a particular favorite fixture for many fans to attend.

  • Take a trip down Bourbon Street:

New Orleans, Louisiana is one of America’s most beloved and charming cities thanks in large part to the town’s love for jazz music, amazing seafood cuisine, popular tourist destinations and energetic nightlife.

There are many amazing activities and events to embark on during any trip to New Orleans, yet the best spot to enjoy the cities true vibrant atmosphere and welcoming destinations is the world-famous Bourbon Street, located in the downtown region.

Bourbon Street is packed with lavish bars and restaurants that serve some of the best food and drinks available throughout the entire nation of America, as well as this spot also allocating several seasonal music events throughout the year.

This is often considered to be one of the world’s most distinguished tourist destinations anywhere in the world, meaning that a trip to the rustic city of New Orleans should often be considered as a major spot on any tourists’ wish list of spots to visit during their lifetime.

  • Take in the view of Niagara Falls:

There is plenty to enjoy about the city life situated in and around the state of New York, yet if you’re aiming to get away from the frantic and often deafening senses of the city center, then maybe a trip out to Niagara Falls is the perfect remedy to enjoy one of the many beauties that nature has to offer.

The Falls are situated on the boarder of New York and Canada and are a combination of three different waterfalls (Horseshoe, American and Bridalveil), with a boat trip across the river being a life altering experience as you get the opportunity to appreciate nature at its finest.

  • Nightlife at the Las Vegas Strip:

Whilst there are many lively party-themed destinations dotted across the nation, there may be no finer spot to spend the night than the illustrious Vegas strip, which has remained a beacon for one of the countries most celebrated tourist spots.

From incredible restaurants that serve up the finest cuisine available anywhere in the world, to the unique listings of clubs and bars that play several notable classic tracks and fan favorites with their own interesting theme.

There is something for every tourist of the appropriate age to enjoy, with many of the world’s celebrities often being spotted enjoying their time out on the Vegas strip.

  • Enjoying the thrills at the Universal Studios and Disneyworld theme parks:

Florida has plenty to offer as a state for many tourists’ needs, yet its most popular attractions lie in the celebrated amusement parks located in Orlando which are themed from the likes of Disney and Universal Studios films.

For those travelling with kids, the four popular Disney parks are an excellent day out for the entire family with plenty of amazing events to take in, whilst Universal offers an array of high-flying coasters and rides that are sure to have you begging to return again in the near future.

There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops to visit for any needs, as well as other attractions that will keep the young ones entertained for the entire day, making this a truly magical experience for everyone to enjoy.