NERIAH in conversation with FAULT Magazine


Words: Miles Holder

Get ready to meet the rising star of the Los Angeles music scene – NERIAH. Her honest and vulnerable songwriting has garnered her a massive following on Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok. From writing her first song at the age of 5 to headlining sold-out shows at The Troubadour, NERIAH has never shied away from sharing her personal experiences through her music. In this exclusive interview, we delve deeper into her creative process and learn about the stories behind her upcoming releases.

What was the inspiration behind your new single “FALLING 4 SOMEBODY”?

The inspiration behind my new single “FALLING 4 SOMEBODY” is about the experience of falling for someone who just isn’t good for you. It’s about that person who treats you poorly, doesn’t meet your basic needs, and makes you feel like the problem is all yours. Writing this song was about the moment of realization that you deserve better, and that it’s time to move on and find someone who will treat you right. The song is a powerful anthem for anyone who has been in this situation and wants to empower themselves to find love that is truly deserving. I hope that it will be a source of strength and inspiration for anyone who needs it.

You’ve been quoted as saying that each song you write is about something that has genuinely happened to you. How do you approach the process of translating personal experiences into music?

Translating personal experiences into music is a unique process for me every time. Sometimes I’m writing about my experiences as they are happening, and other times I write about it before I even know its happening. When I’m in the studio it all just pours out and is somehow always the truth

You’ve mentioned writing and producing 3 songs a day, how do you combat creative burnout?

There’s no burnout because I am so in love with what I do. A lot of times these are just day 1 demos. I had a phase where I was doing 3 songs a day because I wanted to get better. Now I try to have at least one session a day and make sure I leave with something I am happy with.

Your fans have praised the vulnerability in your self-expression. How do you maintain that authenticity in your music and lyrics?

I am just honest. I say how I feel when I am feeling it. Its that simple. There is nothing I am afraid to say and I will always be truthful whether I was in the wrong or right.

What’s the meaning behind the title of your upcoming EP, “No One Cries Forever”?

Heartbreak and pain is temporary and I like yo believe that eventually we will always be able to heal and move on. No one cries forever and exes stay exes

What exciting news do you have in store for 2023?

24 track album will be yours.

NERIAH, what is your FAULT?

I fall in love too fast