FAULT Magazine in conversation with St. Lundi

St. Lundi

Words: Miles Holder

In this exclusive interview with St. Lundi, we delve into the mind of the talented artist and get a closer look at the journey that has led him to become one of the most exciting voices in the music industry today.

Can you tell us about your journey as a singer-songwriter and how you got to where you are now?

Oh wow, how long have you got? Haha! So I started writing songs quite late I guess, when I was about 19 and I’d never really sang before then! I’d always loved music but never had the confidence to try and perform to anybody. I started off at a load of small open mic shows near my hometown, Hayling Island, and then eventually knew that I had to move to London so packed my things and left without any extra thought! I just knew it what was I needed to do to continue growing as a musician. After 3 years of gigging and writing more songs I met my current label/ mgmt and the rest is history! And a lot of hard work haha 

Your breakthrough hit ‘Nights Like This’ was a huge success. How did it feel to have such a strong response to that song?

Ahh that’s so kind of you, thank you!  ‘Nights Like This’ will always be one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written! I wrote it with Ollie Green, who I’ve also written my new single with, and we ended up writing it about my first date with my girlfriend, Josefine. Because of that it has a certain type of magic to it I feel.. maybe it’s the honesty in the song, but people seem to really connect with it and as a writer, that is all I can ever hope and wish for!  It’s been such an amazing experience watching the song grow and travel around Europe and even hearing people sing it with me on tours!! The feeling you get from it is unlike anything else but the overall feeling is love.  

Your new single ‘Ready To Be Loved’ is about taking a romantic leap of faith. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind that song?

Yeah of course! So Ollie and I started writing ‘Ready To Be Loved’ about allowing yourself to be loved for the first time and how that can feel for someone. It’s a feeling of conflict sometimes when you are excited to be finding an amazing new connection with someone but you don’t want it to go wrong and for you to get hurt! 

About 2 months after writing the song I realised I had felt this more than once in my life, not just when I met my partner, but when I stepped out onto a stage for the first time at 19 and sang in front of a crowd! I was so worried what people would think and didn’t want the one thing I loved in the world to turn into a bad experience for me. But the love I was shown and have been shown ever since is something I can never say thank you enough for. 

You’ve toured with several well-known artists, what have been some of your highlights from those tours?

Yeah I feel so incredibly lucky to have played all those shows last year! My first ever tour was with Tom Gregory who is now one of my closest friends and funnily enough I would say that is one of the best things about touring, is making so many new friends. From every person from the crowd that comes up to me at the end of the night, to every band member, sound engineer etc you just make so many wonderful friends around the world! 

Touring with Kodaline was a big moment for me as I’ve listened to their music since a young age and have been inspired by them many times! The fact we did 28 shows together still blows my mind! 

One of the things I will never get over is seeing/ hearing someone singing my song with me. That really is one of the best feelings in the world. 

Can you talk about your creative process – are you a regimented songwriter or do you wait for inspo to hit? 

So I would say that I’m kind of in between that. I have only been playing piano for just under 3 years now and it really is my favourite thing to do! I usually just sit at the piano and play, and almost like striking a match, sometimes there’s a spark that comes from it. Sometimes I will then sit and write that alone or I will think this would be perfect to write with Ollie Green, James Earp, Sam Merrifield or any of the other amazing writers I have the privilege to work with and will send them a voice note. 

I think there is no right or wrong way to be creative. I think some people work better one way, and others another way. Some people have to adapt and change, it really is an ongoing journey! 

Your debut EP ‘Heavy Words’ was released in 2020. How has your sound evolved since then and what can fans expect from your upcoming music?

That feels like forever ago now haha!! 

I will always be proud of that EP and what it done for me but I do feel my music has developed since and taken on a new characteristic. I’ve grown to love many different styles of songs, from anthemic love ballads, to intimate piano tracks and I feel like I am finally becoming in touch with my sound and hopefully that will start becoming clear for people to hear and see over the next year! In recent years I’ve learnt to write only about what I have felt before so every song is about an experience of mine and for that I feel I can sing the song for the rest of my life and connect with it every time. 

You’re embarking on your first UK and European headline tour. What are you most looking forward to about that experience?

Yes!! I can’t believe it’s happening to be honest. I’m just so excited to be heading back out into Europe again and meeting all those new friends I made on the past tours and singing with people again! You make so many wonderful memories whilst on the road, some don’t feel like good memories at first, like when your train gets cancelled and

You have to find a way to travel 5 hours to play a show that night haha! But you get through every moment and learn that anything is possible. Those times become memories that stick with you forever. 

What is your FAULT? 

Ahh what a question!! Okay so I wouldn’t call this a fault because it’s something that is built within all of us and it’s not something I’m ashamed of but something I struggle with and would like to be better at dealing with is anxiety. It’s something that has made its way into my life in the past couple of years and does make it more difficult than before for me to walk out onto a stage or to shoot a music video. But when I’m out on that stage I still love every second! 

I’ve learnt that everyone has different ways of managing their anxiety and for anyone reading that wants to know, mine is exercise, eating well, cold showers!!! And just talking to people close to you that you trust about your feelings. It really helps!