5 Fun Things To Carry On Your Next Cruise Trip With Friends

A cruise trip with friends is the perfect way to start an unforgettable adventure. As soon as you set foot upon the grand ship, carry anything that will enhance your next getaway – these could range from gear for beach swimming, sunblock for protection against UV rays, tumblers for delightful drinks, souvenirs for keepsake reminders throughout the escapade, food/snacks if you’re looking for more delicious flavors onboard, instruments to make merry vibes into the night’s horizon and so much more! Prepare your luggage for the best-timed sightseeing and jam-packed activities awaiting you onboard!

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5 Exciting Must-Have Things For Your Next Cruise Trip With Friends

1. Board Games

If you’re cruising with your friends, why not make the voyage even more enjoyable by stashing away a couple of board games in your luggage? Whether exploring mysterious islands in Catan or indulging in a high-stakes game of Monopoly, there’s no better way to kill your time and have fun! Then with an exciting strategy round. If you don’t want something too competitive, try playing together on the rollicking adventure of Life or Bezzerwizzer. When planning your cruise excursion, don’t forget the entertainment – plan ahead and bring along some engaging board games for endless hours of fun!

2. Portable Speakers

Bringing along a portable speaker on your cruise trip with friends is a good way to liven up the atmosphere. Not only does it provide soundtracks for activities and pool time, but you can also challenge each other to trivia night or have comedy shows, perfect to bring some life on the boat when headed over the seas. Portable speakers come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure that whichever one you choose is tough enough to handle trips and has enough power amplification to make sounds carry. Moreover, it can be a real adventure if you all pitch in to pick the right speaker to match your active lifestyle and musical tastes. Now that’s something worth singing about!

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3. CBD Vape Pen

Going on a fun-filled cruise with your friends may require some preparation, so why not ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected situation? A CBD vape pen is essential to bring with you; it’s discreet, portable, and durable. Filled with CBD e-liquid in different concentrations and flavors, the pen can easily be used without any mess. Not only does it fit perfectly into your pocket or bag, but it also ensures that you’re well-equipped if you need something to relax at any point during your trip. With its long-lasting battery, delightful flavor, and portable size—a CBD vape pen is an ideal companion for cruising!

4. Kindle Or Another E-reader

Taking a Kindle or e-reader with your friends on a cruise trip could be the best decision you make while traveling. The compact size, long battery life, and wide variety of books and entertainment options make them ideal travel companions. On lazy afternoons, catch up on your favorite novel or listen to an audiobook as you recline in your deckchair overlooking the deep blue ocean. Additionally, many versions come preloaded with games and puzzles that can keep the entire group busy during downtime onboard. Packing a Kindle is said to be more lightweight than carrying around physical books, giving you more room for souvenirs picked up along the way!

5. Snacks And Drinks

A cruise trip with friends is a chance to explore new places and cultures and try out some of the best food in the world – but it doesn’t hurt to bring along some delicious snacks and drinks. Pack individual bags of chips and other crunchy finger food; fill thermoses with coffee and tea; mix up small batches of iced cocktails right into travel tumblers; and stock up on protein bars for energy on the go. All these treats will delight your group when you can’t find a local snack nearby – all without sacrificing fun! Whether you prefer sweet or salty, light or heavy, you’ll want something to get your group through its adventures day by day.

Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Cruise Trip

Going on a cruise with your friends is the perfect opportunity to get away for some fun and relaxation! Before embarking on your adventure, it’s important to do some planning for your first cruise trip:

  • First and foremost, check out which amenities are included in the cruise package, such as food, spa services, entertainment, and more.
  • Moreover, make sure your destination ports offer sights that interest everyone in the group, so everyone can experience something unique and have exciting stories to tell after the trip.Don’t forget to research what activities can be done at each port – will you be sailing, snorkeling, or discovering new cultures?
  • Finally, be aware that although you are all together on the deck, there will still be times when you want to wander off alone – plan accordingly, so you don’t miss out on any important moments with your friends.

These simple tips can go a long way in helping make your next cruise trip an unforgettable one!


Cruising with friends can be a great way to have fun while also exploring new places and cultures. When packing for your next cruise trip, it is important to remember to bring items that will make your voyage more enjoyable. From books to cards, music players and even a camera, there are many items you can bring along on your vacation that will help ensure you have the time of your life. A few other items you might want to consider bringing are sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks and drinks, towels and hats, and comfortable clothing for each day of your trip.

Having these items on hand will give you the freedom to enjoy every minute of your cruise without having to worry about running out of things to do or having an uncomfortable experience due to lack of proper supplies. With a little planning ahead, you can make sure that nothing stands in the way of having an incredible time with friends on a cruise ship!