Valentino Garavani: FAULT’s most-wanted bags this season

Valentino VLogo Signature spherical metal minaudiere
Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature spherical metal minaudiere
All images: Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani bags are the toast of party circuits from LA to London and beyond this winter. These designer bags for women don’t stint on dazzle, with bejewelled clutches and shoulder bags resplendent in decadent detail.

The FAULT team are hastily putting together our wish lists for 2023’s fashion fairy. Here are our most-wanted items for the season:

Valentino Garavani Loco bag
Valentino Garavani Loco bag

The Shoulder Bag

Essential, effortlessly stylish, and eminently practical, a Valentino Garavani sparkling shoulder bag that is destined to turn heads is top of our list for the new year. Out of all Valentino Garavani women’s bags, the Locò collection is our favourite. Most recognisable for its iconic ‘V’ logo, this accessory is made with antique brass-finish hardware and comes equipped with a detachable sliding chain strap and a removable handle. The 3D effect embroidery is designed for partying with panache, and its ‘go-big’ glamour vibe contrasts nicely with its understated leather trim.

Valentino Roman stud rhinestone bag
Roman stud rhinestone bag

The Handbag

Our choice to carry by hand – as opposed to over the shoulder or as a clutch – is the Valentino Garavani Roman stud rhinestone bag. The quilted construction artfully disguises plentiful room for all your essential going-out gear, while the protective feet, maxi studs, and magnetic interior and exterior compartment locks give this piece a solid finish. It also features an artful and delightfully retro-feeling front pocket with a twist-lock closure. As with all Valentino Garavani women’s bags, the Roman stud rhinestone piece is made in Italy.

Valentino One Stud Micro Bag
One Stud Micro Bag

The Multi-Purpose Bag

When is a clutch not a clutch? When it’s a micro-bag with an accompanying shoulder strap, of course! The Valentino Garavani One Stud has all the elegance and sophistication of a clutch without the annoying drawback of being easy to misplace. Thanks to its sliding chain, this piece can also be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. It looks stunning too: a showstopper piece entirely covered in Swarovski crystals.

The Minaudière

Evaluating women’s purses best suited for make-up and personal effects isn’t always straightforward. Everyone has a different view as to what size bag they are likely to need for those small yet indispensable items that simply must be close to your person at all times. The minaudière is a popular choice, though, and we are huge fans of Valentino Garavani’s VLogo Signature spherical metal version. The signature V logo appears in rhinestones to complement the antique brass-finish that is simultaneously both sturdy and graceful. In the same vein, its silky smooth nappa lining makes for a beautifully soft and refined textured interior.

Valentino Le Cinquième bucket bag
Le Cinquième bucket bag

The Bucket Bag

Finally (or should we say finalement?), there’s an intriguing, French-inspired item in the innovative Valentino Garavani ‘Le Cinquième’ bucket bag. Featuring a moulded goatskin shell and an inner fabric pouch, this piece is as stylish as it is unusual. Its incongruous shape makes it a real statement piece for those who want to stand out, while its Valentino Toile Iconographe pattern fabric lining signposts its luxe appeal. Platinum finish hardware marries well with the leather strap for a truly avant-garde final effect.