PARTYNEXTDOOR Is Back With “Her Old Friends” – An Ode To Nostalgia and Good Times


Words: Miles Holder

PARTYNEXTDOOR is back with a brand new single, and it’s an ode to nostalgia. “Her Old Friends” is a smooth and soulful track that looks to the past for inspiration – bringing back memories of good times with old friends. Produced by OG Parker and G Ry, this track is sure to be a hit for fans of PARTYNEXTDOOR.


PARTYNEXTDOOR is back with a new track, “Her Old Friends,” and it’s a nostalgia-filled ode to good times gone by. “Her Old Friends” is a summery, R&B-infused track that finds PARTYNEXTDOOR reminiscing about an old flame. The lyrics are wistful and longing, but there’s a sense of hope and optimism throughout the track. It’s a song about looking back on good times and feeling grateful for them, even if they’re in the past.

PARTYNEXTDOOR has always been adept at creating moody, atmospheric tracks, and “Her Old Friends” is no exception. The production is dreamy and ethereal, with PARTYNEXTDOOR’s smooth vocals floating over the top. The result is a track that feels both nostalgic and fresh, like a long-lost memory that you can’t help but revisit again and again.