A Man’s Guide to Buying the Perfect Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans is a men’s wardrobe staple. You can dress them up or dress them down. They’re appropriate for a wide range of occasions and easy to style. They’re comfortable, durable, and timeless. 

But it can be oh so hard to find a pair that fits just right. With so many cuts and styles of jeans on the market, many men have no idea what kind of jeans they should buy. Some just keep wearing the same style they’ve always worn, even if it’s no longer appropriate for their age or body type. Others err on the side of caution and buy jeans that are too big or too relaxed for the sake of comfort, not realizing that a properly fitting pair could flatter their bodies much more.

Just as women buy jeans that accentuate or downplay their curves, men should buy jeans that show off their assets and balance out their proportions. Men’s jeans are available in several fits, including relaxed, skinny, slim, loose, and regular. Fit doesn’t have to do with size, but instead with how the legs are shaped to fit the body. You can also buy jeans with high, medium, and low rises; a high rise sits at your natural waist, a low rise sits on your hips, and a medium rise sits somewhere in between. Read on to find men’s jeans in the right fit and rise for your body type.

Trapezoid Body

A trapezoid body type is athletic with a slim waist but muscular buttocks and legs. If you have nice legs and a nice rear end, you probably want to show them off with the right jeans style. Slim and straight fit jeans will accentuate your butt and hug the legs without being too tight. Boot cut jeans are also a good choice for men with the trapezoid body shape, as the (very slight) flare at the bottom of the leg can balance out your wide shoulders. And, since you have such a slim waist, you can show it off in a low-rise jean if you prefer. Avoid baggy and wide-leg styles, as they will hide your muscles and make your legs look too large in proportion to the rest of your body.

Rectangle Body

Rectangle bodies are slight in build with narrow shoulders and small muscles. If you’re slender and have trouble gaining weight, with shoulders about as wide as your hips, you have a rectangle body. Thin men should avoid high-rise jeans, as they tend to flatten out the rear end. You should also avoid wide-leg and relaxed or baggy fits, as they can look oversized, while skinny jeans will make you look even skinnier. Instead, flatter your body with a pair of straight leg men’s jeans with a low rise. 

Triangle Body

Triangle bodies have thick legs and hips, with narrow shoulders. Men with this body type should choose relaxed fit jeans; size up for more room in the crotch. Choose loose-fit, wide-leg jeans for casual looks, or straight-leg jeans with a high rise to balance out your proportions. Avoid low rise jeans, as they’ll make your hips look even wider, and skinny or tapered fits, as they can make you look feminine.

Inverted Triangle Body

Men with triangle bodies are stocky with big, muscular legs and big, muscular arms and shoulders. Straight-leg jeans aren’t relaxed enough for this body type – they’ll be so tight they’ll look like skinny jeans. Instead, choose jeans in a relaxed or wide leg fit with a low or medium rise. Jeans with large back pockets will make this body type’s large, muscular derriere appear smaller.

Oval Body

The oval body shape has a round belly with large buttocks, calves, and thighs. Avoid skinny or slim-fit jeans that can make this body type look top heavy, or flared and boot-cut jeans that can make the legs appear thicker. Instead, go for relaxed and loose fits. A straight-cut, wide leg can really flatter this body type. But be careful about going too baggy – a baggy fit will just make this large body type look larger. Low-rise jeans are best for this body type – a high or mid-rise can create a muffin-top appearance, but a low rise sits on the hips below the belly.

Finding the best pair of jeans for your body can be a real challenge. Don’t be afraid to try on jeans until you find a brand and style you like. It’s worth it to feel comfortable and look your best.