SOONTOBEANNOUNCED the fashion brand Soon To Takeover The World

Words: Miles Holder

Despite being new on the scene, fashion brand SOONTOBEANNOUNCED is getting everybody talking. As a brand, youth culture and innovation is at the heart of everything they do and while trends may be fleeting, the brand is still conscious of the need to develop timeless looks. To see if the SOONTOBEANNOUNCED can live up to the hype, we took a deep dive into the brand soontotakeovertheworld. 

The bold patterns and colours of SOONTOBEANNOUNCED’s Rivera collection first caught our eye – the bold use of multicoloured boxed patterns, aqua blues and signature swirl patterns make for truly showstopping garments. It’s inspiring to see the brand inject just as much colour into the men’s looks as well as the womenswear. Within the collection are also a number of essential wear shirts, shorts and evening wear, diversifying the collection with neat silhouettes and expertly crafted shapes.  

The brand’s Zodiac collection has proven to be a must-have item and a perfect Christmas gift from the brand. With a t-shirt corresponding to every astrological sign, fashion lovers have found a new way to express themselves. The quirkiness of the graphic design and the tongue-in-cheek expression is emblematic of the brand’s passion for youth culture. After a hands-on inspection of the collection, it’s clear that even with a range of t-shirts, they have still been sure to inject luxury into every item. The T-shirts are well produced with an eye for shape, graphic placement and printing to ensure top-quality is of the utmost importance. 

The brand has now launched its new FW23 ESSENTIAL COLLECTION, a mix of comfort and funky elegance. The collection features several crops, oversized sweaters, long and short sleeve tees and hoodies which can be styled together or paired with the brand’s jackets and outerwear pieces. Again, their dedication to luxury runs through the collection, while it’s challenging for many brands to create an essential collection that stands out, the collection’s colour palette and cutting designs help elevates it atop its peers. 

All in all, the future looks very bright for SOONTOBEANNOUNCED. Their Zodiac collection is living proof of the brand’s ability to not chase trends but to enhance them. With fashion lovers, influencers and most importantly individual thinkers clambering for the collection – it’s not hyperbolic to see that SOONTOBEANNOUNCED maybe very well be the fashion brand soon to take over the world. 

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