Skylar Astin FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Tuxedo – DIOR 

Photographer/Creative Director: Raen Badua

Stylist: Benjamin Holtrop | The Wallgroup

Grooming: Stephanie Fenner

Photo Assistant – Miles Caliboso

Style Assistant – Emily Johnson

Words: Jacquex Frankel 

With Skylar Astin’s portrayal of Todd in the new hit series ‘So Help Me Todd’ getting everybody talking, we caught up with the actor to discuss his career, creative journey and of course, his FAULTs.

Tuxedo – DIOR 

Jacquex: Good afternoon, how’s your day going?
Skylar: Hey, my day is good! A pretty early day, a couple of scenes with Marcia Harden, and with other actresses/actors. We just started episode 110 today!

Jacquex: What’s part of your agenda this week, give us a glimpse of your life?
Skylar: These days it is work – work, the show is on a good engine right now. I work approximately 12 – 15 hours a day, five days a week, sometimes six days a week. But I’m fortunate, and it is fun. Personal time is spent relaxing usually around family and friends.

Jacquex: When did you start acting, was this always what you wanted to do?
Skylar: I got into acting when I was a teenager, I was coming from basketball practice and my mother encouraged me to audition for a production. I went from going to a big sports camp to a stage performance camp. And I never looked back!

Jacquex: We love you in your leading role series of So Help Me Todd, how’s this experience different from previous productions?

Skylar: I’m on set all the time which is very exciting, I like that I get to focus on comedy. It’s an hour long show which gives each episode room to breathe, to find moments of heart and drama. It’s been fun playing an edgier, snarky, sarcastic character, bringing a new skill set to myself by playing the investigator type. Especially with bouncing off Marcia Harden, who plays my mom.

Jacquex: In So Help Me Todd, tells us about the great chemistry/relationship with your “mother.”
Skylar: We bonded quickly through the material, and we have a lovely relationship that is: maternal with respect, professional, and we enjoy defending each other’s character. I love navigating the relationship as Todd & Margaret.

Jacquex: What’s the craziest thing you’ve been asked to do for a job?
Skylar: I filmed a scene for the movie 21 & Over dressed only in a sock

Jacquex: What is your passion project? Something you want to do…
Skylar: A biopic, something with a musical element to it, maybe like Billy Joel. He’s like a hero of mine. It is something I have the skill set for: the comic, dramatic, and musical ability, to do this. 

Shoes – A.P.C.

Jacquex: Tell us about the music career you have developed?
Skylar: I love writing and making music. I have collaborated with friends Jon Hall, and Stefan Lit. Stefan has been part of all of them, it is seamless, we write and record fully in a day. It is one of the more creative things I get to do. As an independent artist, I get to generate free choices by myself, such as the performance, release dates, style, etc. I truly enjoy it, and I believe music finds people.

Jacquex: What’s coming up next with your music?!
Skylar: The next song coming out is called Enemy, which is told from the perspective of a person who is left alone by another human. Who leaves, for whatever reason, and the person experiencing it then sees the action and person as an enemy. 

Jacquex: How do you cope/process everything that’s been going on in this crazy world, because it’s been so much everyday nonstop.
Skylar: I try to do some self care: therapy, massage, and from there I branch out to family. Staying in touch with people around me, in an indirect way, helps. 

Jacquex: Do you live by a motto?
Skylar: There’s several, it changes annually because things change. But when I have one then I will tattoo it on myself to stand by it. Haha.

Jacquex: Tell us a word you say on repeat!
Skylar: I sigh a lot, lots of reassuring signs. I’ll lean into a big sigh. A reassuring breath, as a Jew.

Jacquex: What makes you smile?
Skylar: My nephew, family, and mom. Anytime I see my nephew, he can cure anything. 

Loafers – SCAROSSO
Sunglasses- BALMAIN

Jacquex: What’s your relationship/friendship advice?
Skylar: Put yourself first.

Bucket Hat – JACQUEMUS
necklace – LOUPN

Jacquex: What would you change about the planet if you had the power?
Skylar: Environmentally wise, all the plastic issues and pollution. And about humanity: treating people with kindness. I think that may be the key for everything. Working with others in grace.

Jacquex: What is your FAULT?
Skylar: I over think and I’m indecisive. I’m a Libra, it is one of the FAULTs.