Should Hoodies Be Baggy or Tight?

Who doesn’t love a comfy, cozy hoodie? We sure do! And the great thing is that we’re not the only ones because the market is full of amazing styles and designs. 

A hoodie, once associated with athletes and even criminals, today is a way to feel comfortable and express your sense of style. 

Did we say it was also very comfortable? 

There are endless ways to style a hoodie and even more choices in the shops, but how do you choose the best one for you? And should the hoodie be baggy or tight?

Keep reading to find out.

How Should a Hoodie Fit

First, to look good in a hoodie, you must ensure it fits you right. If you’re looking for just one piece, you may want to go for that golden middle between slim fit and baggy. 

Secondly, you want a hoodie that holds its shape, doesn’t droop in all the wrong places, and isn’t awkwardly stiff (you know what we’re talking about). 

When it comes to length, the hoodie should end right below your belt or so; otherwise, it’s too short or too long. 

Take note of the sleeves – they should end at the same spot as your shirts and not cover your hands. 

The neck should be big enough to put the hoodie on but not too big that it shows too much.

Lastly, always go for only high-quality hoodies like the ones from Fresh Clean Threads to get the best fit and style. 

Baggy or tight hoodies?

Of course, besides the classic fit, you also have baggy and tight hoodies. 

So which should you choose? The answer is yes – whichever you prefer. Both styles have advantages, and it’s up to your taste and occasion to pick one. 

Our best suggestion? Get both, so you’re always covered. 

And now, let’s talk about the benefits of baggy and tight hoodies. 

Baggy hoodies 


There’s no denying that baggy, soft, and cozy hoodies are insanely comfortable. They’re like comfort food, only in the shape of clothing. 

Baggy hoodies are perfect for all casual occasions, whether you need something to lounge around the house, run errands, or grab beers at your local bar. 


Baggy hoodies look great on everyone, whether you’re carrying a few extra lbs. or are on the skinny side. 

A baggy hoodie drapes nicely, accentuating the best parts and covering the things you want to cover. 

Besides, oversized hoodies are all the rage now, so it’s a no-brainer if you’re a street fashion lover!


Baggy hoodies are usually made of thicker, softer, and warmer fabric. Ideal for chilly winter days. 

They also offer enough space for a t-shirt or anything else under to keep you nice and toasty.

No wonder why loose hoodies are so beloved in winter! 

Tight hoodies 

Muy sexy 

Tighter hoodies hug your body nicely and highlight all the gym gains you’ve worked on for so long. 

They also make you look a little taller by creating long lines. Some even say they have a slimming effect if that’s what you’re looking for. 

Now that’s something we can get behind.

More formal

Tight hoodies are the better choice for your smart-casual looks. It’s much easier to layer them under blazers and even suits, making you look more put-together. 

Even when paired with simple chinos or layered on a button-down shirt, a tight hoodie is an excellent and more laid-back alternative for a cardigan or a jacket.


Some people just love feeling clothes close to their bodies. If you’re one of them, you’ll love a tight hoodie. 

It also provides enough warmth, and you can easily layer a puffer vest on top!