Joud Fahmy in conversation with Fault Magazine

From representing her country at the Olympics; to completing a masters program at Royal College of Art, we met with Joud Fahmy for some afternoon matcha. The multidisciplinary visual artist has moved to London, in continuing the next chapter of an actively and engaging adventurous life. With a focus on developing art skills, highlighting modern integrations of technology, Joud Fahmy envisions a combination of cultural background to creating abstract pieces. The artisan will be going global to encourage individualism in pursuit of art as a passion. Because craftswomanship is what dreams are made of.

: Hey Joud! How are you darling?
Joud: Heyyya, good haha. How are you?

Jacquex: Going well! What’s the highlight of your day so far?
Joud: Today, I went rock climbing. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. I was given three different levels, turns out I need to workout more often. I need strength in my fingers!!

Jacquex: Where are you located?
Joud: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Born and raised here.

Jacquex: What’s your favorite part of Saudi Arabia?
Joud: What I like the most is the Red Sea! It’s a place where you can dive, and see amazingly beautiful coral. We also have the historical Al-Balad district, an estimated 300 to 500 year old town. Al Balad (The city), a Unesco World Heritage site worth visiting and getting lost in, a maze of alleys.

Jacquex: What led to your pursuit of being an artist?
Joud: I’m always interested in art of every form. I would show dad the latest art making tools and he would get them for me to create with. I was supported by him until the time came for choosing a college degree. My passion was seen as a hobby by others, so I was encouraged to try architecture, and animation. I felt like it was not me. I went to Los Angeles for my degree in art. And now I’m going to start a masters in contemporary art practice at Royal College of Art in London. And here in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Culture & Art now encourages individualism.

Jacquex: Have you always been a creative person?
Joud: Creative, yes. Since a child, I have imagined myself living a virtual life, in a different world/land. I talk to myself while imagining and mom will ask me, “Who are you talking to?” Haha, and I’ll say, “I’m just living in my imagination.”

Jacquex: What led you to being in the Olympics?
Joud: I was drawn to Judo but my parents saw it as being too aggressive of a sport. They also were not crazy about me interacting with men. The dream started with getting a scholarship, then it became a journey where I won the local, state, and national championship. When I won the first prize, my father said, “you’re lucky, you can do it.”

Jacquex: Did 2019 change you as an artist?
Joud: Yes, a lot of adjusting! Because I was in college, I didn’t feel prepared to work on the next level of projects. Such as applying for a residency or grants. Now when I’m involved in the art scene such as galleries, etc, I’m developing as an artist. It is more professional.

The Christmas Tree Rash

An insight into public spheres and roles we play in them allowed me to observe layers of self and culture. My idea took shape based on a skin affliction I had — The Christmas Tree Rash. Unlike its cheerful name, the condition was far from jolly. Playing with the idea of self-image I created a collage portrait, but paper as a medium was not able to give the piece depth. During my materials research, I came across the sculptural works of Dan Lam. Inspired by her piece, Centre of Attention, I decided to create blob-like ob- jects to grotesquely zoom-in on the social side-effects that came with the disease, namely; body image issues and the public gaze. Using my body as canvas I placed myself in public spaces. Hence, I was introduced to ideas of psychogeography (Debord, Guy) and derive.

2022 – For inquiries email [email protected]

Material: Mixed media sculpture

Size: 60 x 60 x 30 cm

Jacquex: What’s something you want to do/make but haven’t yet?
Joud: I would like to present my artwork in a big installation. To do my story, utilizing personal art pieces in a massive room with multiple residences. I have also realized how complex building a portfolio can be. I want to go back to my school and help artists start working on their portfolio. I would like to return my luck, and share what I’m learning with many communities.

Jacquex: Is there something you are hoping to achieve?
Joud: I want to talk more about social issues through my artwork. I don’t want people to think I do beautiful art. I want people to question my method of choice, to wonder about the message.

Jacquex: Tell us something about you we wouldn’t know or be familiar with?
Joud: I’m a curious person, I have a bucket list to finish! Ambition is key.

Jacquex: What’s at the top of your bucket list?
Joud: Seeing the Aurora Lights!!

The Right Track

The Right Track is an exploration of the nuances and complexities of the human experience. Using 3D print, the work grapples with the idea of a mold that one finds themselves brought into and is shaped by the ideals and values of one’s family and society. The variation of items and sizes of these plastic objects resembles the abundance of life choices and the result of each track pursued. Inspired by a 2016 ad campaign by Infra Suisse; a Swiss construction company that displayed a plastic model kit, showcasing Infra Suisse’s involvement in the process of building infrastructure from start to finish. The ads managed to evoke a nostalgic rush, bringing back childhood memories which was the starting point of a series of observations of this childhood toy; a plastic scale module that breaks into a series of assembly kits.

The work invites the audience to a journey of introspection, showing the fleeting nature of life and stressing on the importance of pausing and reflecting on one’s own choices & decisions. It also shows the unpredictability of life regardless of the efforts to plan one’s own future, destiny remains a shifting force altering people’s course of life and destinations.

Maan Grant, Athr Gallery 2020 -For inquiries email [email protected]
Material: 3D print and mixed media

Size: 34.5 x 20.5 cm

Jacquex: Is there a discipline you practice as an artist?
Joud: I’m a multidisciplinary artist. It is about applying critical, artistic, emotional, etc., thinking. To collide a combination of collected knowledge.

Jacquex: How do you approach commissioned work?
Joud: I start by thinking for hours, late nights, idealizing and envisioning. Then I do a map for how to approach the subject, which involves doing research. It is about preparation.

Jacquex: What can we expect from you in the coming years?
Joud: I go with the flow, I’m working on a Masters program to further develop my understanding.

Jacquex: Do you trust your instincts or rational mind?
Joud: I’m indecisive, depends on the situation!

Jacquex: Do you have a message for those listening/reading?
Joud: It is okay to try new things. Open your perspective, take every opportunity and see where it takes you. Believe in yourself.

Jacquex: Give us your relationship/friendship advice?
Joud: Be friendly, be easy going.

Jacquex: What’s your FAULT?
Joud: Thinking that I’m not able to break the ice.

“A prominent element in my work is the Date Palm Tree, the national emblem of Saudi Arabia, symbolically representing growth, strength, and solidarity. Palm fronds woven together over illustrations of women as well as threaded collage work, make up my next body of work, “Unleashed” — a series of mixed media works that delve into women’s voices, their issues and place within the rapidly changing Saudi. Each piece shows a specific scene or elements that represent issues that women face: from their voices being unheard to them not being recognized for their achievements. Every artwork in the series uses a method that has been considered to be ‘women’s work’ such as weaving, thread work, etc.”
– Joud Fahmy

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