How To Rock The Pearl Look Like A Fashion Model

Photo: Christine Sponchia

Pearls are classic and never go out of style. Wearing pearls gives an elegant and unique look. Traditionally, pearls have been associated with women, but today, pearls are for everyone. We have seen male celebrities like Harry Styles rock pearl necklaces.

Pearls are beautiful and should be your frequent jewelry. Everyday outfits will look great with pearls. Pearls can be incorporated into a modern outfit and brighten your day.

The pearl necklaces, especially on men, have been seen as going beyond but for now, it is a signature for red carpet looks. Many of us think of pearls as the white round beads with a little touch of pink. While many celebrities may appear mainly in white pearls, you can explore more options. There is a wide range of pearls for everyone’s needs. Here are a few tips on how to rock a pearl and look like a fashion model

Focus on a single Pearl on a Unique Chain

Pearls are a perfect way to achieve a classy look. For this tip, a long single pearl necklace gives a stunning look. The necklace will do well for a wedding dress, a casual outfit, or a night out with a black dress.

Statement Pearl Necklace

If you are afraid that a pearl might not look good on you, try the stylish pearl necklace. It comes in a lot of versions which are not limited to small sizes. There are huge freshwater pearls that give a fashionable look.

Layering the pearl necklaces

A floating pearl mixed with other necklaces gives a stunning look. Pick your favorites, from big bold hearts, simple chains, or diamond necklaces. A layered pearl look is perfect for your daily outfit. Balancing it with other necklaces gives it a more casual look.

Fun with shapes and colors

Did you know that pearls don’t just come in white colors? Pearls are in as many colors with a variety of available shapes. There are golden, pink, and chocolate pearls with interesting looks. For the shapes, there are the traditional round shape, oval, button, and many others. Although white pearls appear more classic, you can pair them with colored pearls. As with the layered option above, you can use different shapes and colors that blend in with each other.

Teardrop-shaped pearl Earrings

One of the dearest gems to women is a diamond. You can get a practical and stylish pearl earring that is almost the shape of a diamond. Just adding this type of earring can do a lot to your appearance.

The minimalist trend can be incorporated into jewelry as well. Pearls are a great way to express minimalism. They are elegant and appealing. They give a polished look and that’s why the jewelry industry is still using them. One piece of pearl in your jewelry is more than enough to shift the focus of your entire look.

There are different ways to rock your pearl today. As fashion continues to evolve with different trends, pearl options still remain varied. Regardless if it is work or night out, with a pearl, your look will remain elevated and catching. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that perfectly fits the modern fashion. Even the most stylish icons of the century are still rocking pearls. From musicians to even iconic politicians, they have made appearances in a piece of pearl jewelry.