Good Movies to Write About

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If you’re looking for a new challenge in your writing career, why not take a crack at writing film reviews? It can be pretty daunting; after all, what do you need to know to write about a movie? What does the audience want to know about it? Do we really care about the actors and their character arcs? If you’ve ever wondered how to tackle this challenge, or if you’re an aspiring critic looking for some good movies on which to practice your craft, here are ten ideas. It’s also worth noting that these films don’t necessarily have to be ones you would recommend — they might even be ones you dislike. This exercise aims to get you thinking about how and why certain things happen in the film.

10 Best Movies to Write About

When writing film reviews, some topics might be more challenging than others. You may find that your creative writing juices aren’t flowing quite as much as you’d like them to be or that you’re struggling with coming up with ideas for a film review. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, don’t worry! We all have those moments when we feel stuck creatively and can’t think of anything. Fortunately, we also live in a world with different types of movies from which to choose. If writing about some obscure indie flick leaves you feeling uninspired, why not consider one of these 10 good movies to write about?

Easy Movies to Write About in a Film Review or Essay

The Silence of the Lambs

Evergreen, classic, or movie-brilliant? Depending on whom you ask, this film might be any or all of those things. It is an excellent movie for film review writing because it is incredibly focused — every element of the film has a reason for being there. It’s a simple plot that doesn’t jump around or do many different things simultaneously as many modern films do.

Big Hero 6

This film has a fascinating plot of twists and turns. It’s a complex plot that goes in many different directions. Big Hero 6 is action-packed, hilarious, and heartwarming. It also has a fantastic soundtrack. You may have already seen this movie, but this is a movie you can watch repeatedly and still enjoy it. It is a good movie for film review writing because it has a huge cast of characters. You can spend a lot of time delving into their arcs and what drives them. You can write about the music, the story, the main characters, the voice acting, and all other aspects of the film. You can also explore the film’s themes — particularly how the team comes together to be greater than the sum of its parts.

The Godfather

Few films have made so much of an impact on the public and cinema as “the Godfather.” For many people, this movie is integral to their childhood and young adulthood. If you want an excellent film to write about, then you cannot go wrong with this one. The Godfather is a perfect example of a film that utilizes its setting to its fullest. It’s a good movie for film review writing because it’s a prime example of building a complex story around its setting. You can explore how the characters are tied to the setting and vice versa. You can also explore how the setting influences the characters’ actions and how they, in turn, influence the setting.


This film has a complex plot with many twists and turns. It also has a very complex set of characters with very complex motivations. You can explore how they all tie together in a very intricate web. You can start with the introduction, which describes how Cooper and his children attempt to leave Earth for a new planet.   Then you can explain how everything goes wrong after they land in the new world, and Cooper must find a way to save his children. You can write about the fate of humanity, the many planets visited in the movie, the experience of the astronauts in the mini-spaceship, the scientific details involved in the space travel, the surprising connections that occur in the film, and the ending, which brings closure to the story. It’s a good movie for film review writing because it challenges the audience to engage with its “out of the world” ideas.

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Whiplash (2014)


Whiplash is the story of a young man’s quest to become the best of the best in his field. Andrew is a first-year jazz student at the top music school in New York City with a major chip on his shoulder. He wants to beat other students and better his idol, the school’s top jazz drummer, Fletcher, and, along the way, better the entire field of jazz. With the help of an empathetic instructor, Fletcher, Andrew pushes himself to his limits and starts a journey of self-discovery. It’s also a film that challenges the conventions of a character arc and what it looks like. It’s a good movie for film review writing because it allows you to explore the characters and their relationships and then turn it into a discussion of the film’s conventions and why they might exist.

The Martian

The Martian is a good movie for film review writing because it has a straightforward plot and an obvious narrative. It’s an excellent example of a film that uses its plot to explore its characters. There are a lot of good things about the movie. One is its message of pushing the boundaries of human achievement. The story shows that humans can achieve anything they set their minds to. It shows the big picture of life and how the end is not the end. Being marooned on the surface of mars and failing to get back home is not the end for Mark Watney. It is just the beginning. Another good thing about the movie is how it handles the issue of failure. Watney fails several times, but he is not discouraged by them. Rather than being deterred by failures, he learns from them, moves on, and tries again.


A Martin Luther King biopic, Selma is a powerful drama that tells how Dr. King led the most successful civil rights protest in U.S. history by organizing a series of marches from Selma to Montgomery. The film might seem like a standard, preachy civil rights movie, but it’s engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking, even for those who aren’t interested in the topics or subject matter.


Dunkirk is a fascinating film to write a review about because it has a very unusual structure. It is a movie about World War II. It is a story about the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26 and June 04, 1940, during the Battle of France in World War II. Some might need help to write a movie review on Dunkirk because of its limited dialogue and plot. However, this review will be a good read not just because of the movie but the historical background.

The Theory of Everything

The film spans a large chunk of time. It stars Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, and Charlie. Stephen William Hawking, cast as Redmayne, is a theoretical physicist who, despite being given only two years to live at the age of 21, went on to become the founder of modern cosmology and author of “A Brief History of Time.” The film follows Hawking from the 1960s, when, as a young Cambridge student, he begins his groundbreaking work, to the 1980s, and his international fame as his illness begins to take hold. Knowing that most of Hawking’s papers were written while he was battling a life-threatening disease is heartwarming.

In fact, there are hundreds of easy movies to write papers, film reviews and essays about. You can choose any movie you like to create a stellar paper you professor will admire.