FAULT Magazine Reviews: One Hundred Shoreditch Review

FAULT Magazine Travel:One Hundred Shoreditch

The demise of East London’s Ace Hotel birthed a new contemporary, classic and mature establishment, designed by Jacu Strauss, the Creative Director of Lore Group. This architectural dream design sits directly in the centre of Shoreditch’s artsy area, neighbouring Hoxton and Haggerston.

The newly built accommodation has 258 beautifully modernised designed rooms including, six restaurants, a coffee shop, a roof top bar and their “One Hundred Room”. The venue has hosted many gatherings, including the most fashionable events in London.

On arrival, large contemporary wooden shapes set the tone. Its satisfying clean colour palette, with splashes of primary colours, gives the hotel a bold and chic character. I was appointed to a studio with a balcony that transformed the room into a golden spotlight, overlooking the city’s busy neighbourhood.

The aesthetics of the room complemented the bespoke artwork, which thrived once the sun had set. Despite being placed in the middle of a loud city that never sleeps, the room offered a dreamy, cosy and comfortable scene. The up-to-date functional bathroom flash monochrome and silver accents. A circular table is placed under a glimmering sphere light, the immaculate slim line tv boasts an extensive list of entertainment to watch, not failing to include the room service. Lastly, the bed embodies the comfort of a cloud, ideal for aiding the stress accumulated all week. 

While an eclectic dining and bar scene features everything from food, drinks and desserts galore, the bar leading from the lobby was undeniably the most eye-catching upon entrance. Whether you spend it in the afternoon or the evening, you can be sure to indulge in the Red, White and Black art installation, captivating you into a mellow mood. To further immerse you in the warm ambience, accompany yourself with your favourite glass of wine, crisp cold beer, or perhaps a well-crafted cocktail, perfect with scrumptious food – salt & pepper chilli squid jam, alongside a 28-day dry age ribeye to name a few, with many other delicious options provided on their menu. 

If you want to tap into something a little more upbeat, challenge yourself to shake a leg or two! Take the lift up to the seventh floor The plush pink decor paired with gold trinkets is simply delightful, as it lays on the rooftop overlooking the east side of London, as guests luxuriate in fine dinning, under the night-sky, which in my opinion, would describe the perfect evening.

Staying at One Hundred Shoreditch has been a great city experience that covers all your needs. From the peloton gym, laundry and dry cleaning, to a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops in and around the hotel, once you’ve been housed even your pets are welcome to enjoy the luxury stay. I highly recommend it to those outside of London who want to come into the city, not excluding tourists coming to the UK for their very first visit, especially for content creators who are looking for the aesthetically-pleasing content to post.

Be sure to download The One Hundred Shoreditch for bookings and information, or feel free book directly online at:www.onehundredshoreditch.com.