Fashion Accessories Taking The World By Storm This Fall

Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Fall

This Fall is seeing some of the best accessories and accessory trends we have seen in a few years now, from the resurgence of wide-brimmed hats to comfortable slipper sandals and everything in between. 

Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe or get a new one altogether, here are some of the must-have accessories to add to your Fall looks. 

Photo: Alyssa Strohmann

Charm Bracelets/Necklaces

One of the cutest trends on the list is adding charms to your jewelry. Whether it be a bracelet or necklace, you can add a fun touch by attaching some of your favorite charms you have lying around

Much like updating your vape to a stunning Vaporesso, adding charms to your jewelry will give it all a touch of whimsy and fun while staying simple and stylish. 

Multiple Bangles

While bangles have always been used as a subtle piece, they have become super easy to stack, mix, and match, creating a stylish and layered look. Mixing sizes and materials is a great way to take inspiration from multiple styles. 

Wide-Brimmed Fedora

The wide-brimmed fedora has never been completely out of fashion but has been reserved for those with a love for boho-chic. However, those times have changed, and it has become a staple across multiple styles.

Not only does it add a touch of old-school pizazz, but it is surprisingly versatile as it fits right in while you’re at brunch or while you’re attending a cocktail party. 


Snoods became incredibly popular a few years ago, and like the fedora, while it hasn’t fallen out of fashion, they aren’t as widely used as they were before, until now. They are simple and versatile and one of the best things to keep you warm on those crisp Fall mornings. 

Slipper Sandals 

There probably isn’t a better combination than slippers and sandals when it comes to footwear. Puffy, soft sandals give you all the comfort you need for a day on your feet while remaining supportive and relatively warm. 

Platform Chuck Taylor’s

Chuck Taylor’s are one of the most popular shoes ever created for a reason. They are ultra-comfortable, come in a variety of colors, and can take a serious beating before you even need to think about replacing them. 

The platform version of the sneaker adds a subtle but super-stylish change to the classic design that will most certainly put some pep into your step. 

Photo: Johannes Plenio

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses tend to have a reputation for being a bit too bougie; however, considering sunglasses are arguably the best accessory to wear, this is an opportunity to add a high-fashion touch to your outfit. 

Sunglasses are also one of the best accessories because they can be incredibly affordable, and you can stock your drawer with five or ten pairs that you will wear all the time. 

Oversized Chains

While necklaces have never gone out of fashion, one of the best trends around right now for Fall is the oversized chain. While you don’t have to wear something that looks like it secures a factory door, a chunky metal necklace is a beautiful, eye-catching centerpiece for any outfit. 

Hobo Bag

Don’t let the name fool you; the hobo bag has been popular amongst the boho-chic crowd for years. Many fashion experts have stated that bags are becoming less structured and taking a more relaxed approach. 

Not only are these bags ultra-versatile, but many are also very affordable, and the range of styles, colors, and materials varies enough that you can have multiple options in your wardrobe, depending on your mood. 


The headscarf is a classic item that was incredibly common across parts of the US and Europe in the 50s and 60s. While the idea may be old, it has been modernized as many now pair it with something uber-chic such as a pantsuit or body-hugging dress. 

However, a headscarf is still very much an everyday item, and there are multiple ways to wear them. You can cover your head, create a chunky bow, tie your hair with it, or simply wrap it around your neck. 

Baseball Cap

The humble baseball cap may seem like an item that fray boys and soccer dads cherish, but it is popular for a reason. While the utility is obvious, it is able to add a slight streetstyle edge to any outfit you pair it with. 

You can wear one with a skirt and top, your leisure or athletic wear, or just while you make a quick trip to the store. Not to mention there is an almost infinite plethora of styles and designs that can fit into any wardrobe. 

Photo: freestocks


While monochromes still have their place and popularity, the trend of wearing more shine and metallics has taken hold. Many designers have kept it subtle and controlled, but adding a touch of silver or gold to an outfit is most certainly on trend. 

Whether it be a gold bag, silver heels, or a pop of metallic with some bangles or necklaces, metallics are a great way to add a unique touch of color to your outfit without going overboard.