Dossier Perfumes: the high-end, low-cost scent sensation

Dossier Perfumes
Photo: Dossier Perfumes

Dossier Perfumes are on a mission to make premium fragrances accessible to everyone. Shocked by the extravagant price mark-up on perfume – luxury brands can make up to 95% profit per bottle – the New York-based business launched their own alternative. The result? A high-end perfumery that forgoes costly celebrity endorsements and pricey packaging in favour of superb quality, ethically sourced, and long-lasting perfume that is available at a fraction of the cost of those marketed by mainstream labels.

Dossier’s scents are inspired by designer label perfumes. With perfumers based in Europe’s fragrance capital of Grasse and a nose/evaluator in Paris, their French connection sniffs out the scent profile of premium perfumes such as Killian’s ‘Love, don’t be shy’ to create comparable products of their own. (It’ Floral Marshmallow for this one, in case you were wondering!). While their scents might be similar to their competitors, however, Dossier Perfumes differ from established designer labels in almost every other way…

Affordable prices

With up-market perfumes currently selling for anywhere between $80 – $300 for a 50ml bottle, Dossier Perfumes are available for between $30 – $60. The key takeaway here is that brand name scents have the cost of their marketing campaigns and package designs built in to their price points – not to mention their overheads for the boutiques they operate in some of the world’s most expensive addresses.

Dossier avoids all that with a streamlined, ethical approach to sales. Using natural ingredients, packaged simply, they dispatch their products from a central location directly to you, the customer. Taking celebrity endorsements and expensive promotional campaigns also helps keep costs down.

Commitment to transparency

Unlike some well-established labels, Dossier Perfumes are clear about everything that goes into every bottle of their perfumes. There are no mystery ingredients, no need to Google unpronounceable chemicals and no cryptic descriptions of any kind.

That approach carries over to their pricing and general approach to business. Shipping costs are provided up front, with no other hidden costs. What’s more, everything from details of how they source their ingredients to their returns policy (in partnership with Give Back Box, a charity which distributes returned products to those in need) is publicly accessible, open, and straightforward.

100% Vegan and Cruelty Free

This should go without saying but getting to this point has been harder for mega-brands with old-school approaches and antiquated supply chains. As a challenger beauty brand, Dossier Perfumes were established with the principles of being completely non-toxic, free of animal products of any kind, and a zero-tolerance policy to animal testing.

Dossier Perfumes = Environmentally friendly

At Dossier, everything from the sourcing and blending of their scents to the packaging process is ethical and sustainable. The brand is proud to be as close to plastic-free as reasonably possible (the only exception is the plastic pump), and they use nothing but 100% recyclable packaging materials (glass and cardboard).

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