7 men’s fashion ideas that ooze luxury

Looking to dress up rather than dress down for an upcoming special occasion? Or maybe you’re tired of the same old ordinary outfits?. If you’re interested in learning more about adding style to your wardrobe, keep reading for our ideas on how you can create your outfits with a luxurious finish. 

  1. Sunglasses

It may be winter, but this shouldn’t stop you from purchasing your next pair of sunglasses in time for spring and summer. Wayfarers and clubmasters are great choices, especially with a luxe touch on the sides with gold or silver and of course, a brand logo. Nothing says luxury more than Gucci on the sides of your sunglasses. 

  1. The gentleman 

The traditional ‘gentleman’ style is one of the best men’s fashion styles that evoke a sense of luxury – we’re talking about classy yet casual formal wear that encompasses tailored dress pants, no show socks, and of course, your best dress shoes. You can swap out formal shirts with sweaters and T-shirts on days where you feel like relaxing, but remember to keep it classic with the colours – solid neutral colours. 

  1. Opulent watch

An accessory piece that should be a staple in your wardrobe is a luxury watch. Either leather straps or metal straps, with big watch faces, and an overall look that exudes class. An expensive watch is an investment, and a worthwhile one if you’re looking to upgrade your outfits for the next year. They’re the perfect addition to any outfit, so make sure you’ve got at least one. 

  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks nowadays could be said to be a status symbol, which makes sense since they are considerably expensive. However, if you’re willing to purchase this asset, you’re already a step ahead in making your outfits more stylish. Look for real gold, silver, or even diamond cufflinks so that luxury is right there on your wrists. Don’t forget that you can also buy personalised cufflinks – cufflinks with your initials on them just radiate opulence and prestige. 

  1. Pristine office wear 

Despite many businesses offering flexible working arrangements, you may find yourself soon back in the office. This is an opportunity for you to step up your office wear with clothing pieces from brands such as T.M. Lewin who specialise in dashing professional wear that is both comfortable and polished. Best thing about this? These pieces can also be used as daily wear or formal wear for events. 

  1. Luxury loungewear

Who said you only had to look good when you’re out of the house? Luxury loungewear is emerging as a fashion style that can surely be attributed to the nationwide lockdowns, so why not start investing in looking stylish even when you’re just at home? Think branded sweaters, joggers, and hoodies that offer not only comfort, but a chic look too. 

  1. Sleek and shiny chelsea boots

If you don’t own a pair of chelsea boots, we ask, why not? Chelsea boots are a staple piece in any man’s wardrobe, and you can opt for either dressy or casual with shiny black ones or tan suede ones respectively. Or, simply buy both. Either way, with your very own sleek chelsea boots, luxury is on your side.