6 Amazing Tips on How to Have a No Stress Wedding Planning

6 Amazing Tips on How to Have a No Stress Wedding Planning
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Wedding planning is a stressful period.

There are no shortcuts to planning your dream wedding, which means you have to spend hours looking for the perfect gown and suit, cake tasting, and searching for the ideal venue, among other things on your To-do list. 

Many brides walk down the aisle feeling burned out, even if the ceremony hasn’t begun. Those supposed tears of joy quickly turn to tears of frustration, which we need to prevent. Here’s a good thing: there are still some ways to have no-stress planning, please read on.

TIP NO. 1: Discuss What’s the Most Crucial Part of Your Wedding

What do you and your beau look forward to on your wedding day? Is it the food, the band, the photo booth, or the cocktails? Whatever it is, focus on what brings you joy during the big event, and don’t dwell on the things that are necessary but frustrating simultaneously.

Remember, this is your wedding, so you and your partner should be the happiest and not the most stressed during the whole union.

TIP NO. 2: Host the Same Venue for Your Ceremony and Reception

Organizing your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place saves you time, money, and frustration. In addition, having these two main events in one venue promotes convenience and ease among guests and newlyweds.

Nonetheless, if you’ll have the wedding in a family church, it’s impossible to have the reception at the same venue. Instead, you can look for the nearest restaurant you can host the reception, but keep the driving distance to a minimum.

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TIP NO. 3: Create a Detailed Budget

Money is the number one source of stress for nearly-weds. If this also causes your anxiety, it’s best to create a detailed budget and stick to it. First, write down all the expected expenses and break them into categories. Then, see what items you can save up on and what cannot be compromised so you can clearly see where your money goes for the big day.

TIP NO. 4: Time to Get Organized

Keep all your wedding-related documents in one folder to avoid losing them. Also, having a notebook comes in handy as you can write down every detail that comes your way.

You can’t always rely on your phone to jot down everything, so a notebook and a folder dedicated to the big day is the best option to keep everything organized.

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TIP NO. 5: Shop in Reputable Online Stores

You can save a lot of stress and energy by visiting reputable shops online. It’s convenient, has better prices, more variety, and no sales pressure. There are a lot of benefits when you do your shopping online rather than walking from door to door.

One of the best wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses UK online stores is Cicinia. The shop offers chic and timeless pieces in all colors and designs, so you can do dress shopping with the girls in the comfort of your home.

TIP NO. 6: Take a Break Once in a While

Wedding planning can take over your engagement year if you don’t control it. The stress, frustration, and anxiety can burn you down, so it’s best to establish a “No Wedding Talk” time with everyone. 

You can try establishing the occasional break at a specific time of day (dinnertime), day of the week (“no wedding talks on Sundays!”), or during date nights (“date nights are just for fun discussions”). Do the “No Wedding Talk” time for your peace of mind.

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How to Have a No-Stress Wedding Planning 

Planning your wedding can take a toll on your mind and, of course, your body. The frustration, anxiety, and stress have a negative effect on the nearly-weds if they won’t follow the wedding tips above. Remember that weddings should be fun and exciting, so it’s best to learn from the experts on nuptials.