Why Gold Chains Are Popular

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How do you measure the popularity of a certain jewelry item? The first answer that comes to mind is to track how often it is being chosen to complete the look. No specific research needed to get the result, as it is obvious enough and can be spotted all around. All you need to do is to pay attention to the jewelry items your friends and acquaintances pick, what pieces of jewelry do people around wear most often, check photos and videos in social media and advertisements, watch celebs on the screen and on stage… Remember to consider your preferences in jewelry as well. There is no doubt that a gold chain will be somewhere on top of the frequently chosen jewelry list. It’s the jewelry that is both practical and versatile enough to earn the overall love of people despite their gender, age, religious views, preferences in style or colors. Every person can find a gold chain according to their liking which makes the great part of its success. But what makes people select such a simple jewelry out of all the diversity? Let’s talk about the reasons for the gold chains’ popularity.

Buying a gold chain, you’ll certainly face the need to decide on a style. The number and variety of styles is impressive and goes from the simple chains we’re all well familiar with to rather intricate and complicated designs that are able to catch the eye from afar. The style of the chain affects not only its looks but also its reliability, as the connection of the links influences its strength.

For example, one of the somewhat simple gold chain styles is the Cuban link chain. This type of necklace has a simple construction and appearance, but it’s managed to become a timeless classic that periodically makes loud comebacks hitting the fashion trends, just like it did this season. The pattern of the Cuban link chain represents the twisted flat oval links, making its design one of the most noticeable. This necklace is not made to be delicate, as the massiveness is one of its distinctive features. Statement jewelry is the most suitable synonym for the gold Cuban link chain, as it’s hard to find the necklace that is able to demonstrate the wealth and status of the wearer better. The style of the Cuban chain provides strength to the jewelry resulting in it becoming the perfect choice for heavy pendants and everyday wear.

At the same time there’s also the Figaro style of the chain. It is designed to display the sequence of one long oval link often followed by two or three round ones. It is closely related to the Cuban link chain as they both are the descendants of the curb chain, which is hard to tell judging by the looks. The Figaro chain is more delicate, and it’s difficult to compare its strength with the Cuban.

The two styles mentioned above are considerably simple in contrast with the Rope chain. The concept of the rope chain differs greatly resulting in an absolutely dissimilar appearance. It is crafted of many small links that are joined and entwined together to recreate the image of the rope. It may look thin and airy but in fact it’s quite durable and strong. The design ensures that the necklace won’t break apart if one of the links gets damaged making it a suitable variant for pendants and medallions. The flexibility of the gold rope chain is enchanting and hypnotizing, making the people around admire its beauty and shine.

What about the gold beaded dog-tag chains? Their style is once again completely different from the previous items. Coming from the military it gives off the clear masculine vibes, making it one of the favorites among the men’s gold chains. Created for the purpose of holding tag-like medallions it carries this function perfectly well. The pattern contains nothing superfluous showing plain yet appealing ball links. The dog-tag chains are practical enough to wear every day, as they are rather reliable and easy to fix even if the chain gets damaged.

Those are just a drop in the ocean of chain styles existing in the world of high-end jewelry, but at this point they should be enough to demonstrate how diverse a gold chain can be. woman in black spaghetti strap top wearing silver necklace

There’s also another way to make a gold chain more unique. In addition to the interesting style, you may also pick the color of your gold chain. The classic yellow gold won’t surprise anyone, but it’ll definitely make an impression in the win-win combination with black clothes, creating the elegant contrast. Opting for white gold chain you add aristocratic and sophisticated vibes to your outfit. The rose gold chain is ready to add creativity to your look, making the image a breath of fresh air. The mix of two or more colors within one gold chain creates fascinating combinations able to change the look of a necklace drastically and the results of such kinds of experiments are really trendy and sharp in today’s fashion.

The thing that also changes the appearance of a gold chain considerably is its width. The pattern of the chain becomes more vivid with the increase of the width. Even the delicate style of the chain that resembles the gossamer when it’s thin can become a rather chunky and masculine when made thick, and vice versa, the style that is usually considered as the chain for men with rather bulky links can transform into an elegant exquisite necklace every lady would like to wear.

What else the gold chain is good for is the pendants. Different sorts of medallions and pendants often have a special meaning for the owner, thus the suitable and reliable base for such a precious item is needed. There’s a huge amount of chain styles that are perfect for this purpose. Besides, the pendant provides mutual favor to the chain, embellishing it and adding charm.

As we already mentioned, the chains are generally unisex. There are no strict limitations of what style should be worn by men or women. There are some styles of chain necklaces that are considered as those for men or for women, but that doesn’t mean that the opposite sex is banned from wearing it. Especially with the rising trend for androgynous looks in fashion the concept of gender concerning gold chains becomes somewhat irrelevant.

The preferences in clothing style is important while choosing the gold chain, but it is possible to find a suitable one for every outfit or use the same chain for different looks if the type of the chain is appropriate. Hip-hop fashion did a lot to popularize the gold chains, so many styles of massive chain necklaces can be considered as paying homage to rap culture. Rock musicians also influenced the promotion of chains adding countless pendants with special meaning to them. Fashion designers actively add chains to their outfits not only as jewelry but also as part of the clothes or other accessories. Rich and famous wear layers of gold chains often iced-out with diamonds to accent their status and significance. No matter what the goal is, a gold chain is ready to help fulfill it.

To sum it up we may say that a gold chain is really worth its praise. Let’s count its advantages: it has no attachment to the gender; the variety of styles and designs is more than enough to choose from; the chain makes a perfect base for pendants and medallions being practical and reliable to hold them; it’s a jewelry equally good enough for different outfits and events, as the same chain necklace may be worn with everyday look and with evening gown or business outfit; the chain bears generally neutral connotation, meaning the attitude of the people towards it is either positive or neutral, it’s hard to find someone who hates the idea of wearing chains, as for example it goes with piercing, or men rings, or some other jewelry; the gold is always a good investment and the gold chain is not an exception. This should explain why gold chains are so popular, and taking it all into consideration, it seems that they will remain just as trendy in the foreseeable future. Anyway, if you have doubts about buying a gold chain, you should just shake them away and get yourself a shiny chain necklace.