Nessa Barrett FAULT Magazine Covershoot and Interview

Nessa Barret X FAULT Magazine

Nessa Barrett photoshoot

Photography: Beth Saravo

Words: Miles Holder

Today sees the release of Nessa Barrett’s debut album entitled ‘young forever’. The album transcends all genres of music to reveal a project that at it’s core is unique to Nessa. We caught up with Nessa to discuss her creative journey, the album and of course, her FAULTs.

Nessa Barrett photoshoot

Track “talk to myself” makes a bit of a turn on the album, what was the inspiration behind the track?
Nessa Barrett: That track really represents who I can be in my dark moments, when I truly blame everything on myself. I feel like hating yourself is a common insecurity so I hope people can scream this one with me to let out some of that negative energy.

The album can shift genre from track to track – is that by design or just reflective of your personal music tastes?

Nessa Barrett: I love that you say that because I truly never want to be put in a genre box. This album is fully manic in the best way & honestly reflects moreso my emotions / how diverse my palette is. I would say my personal music taste is also not put in a box so unintentionally reflective I would say! 

Can you describe your headspace when writing fuckmarrykill?

Nessa Barrett: Very much a “fuck everything, i just want to sleep” mindset. This song had the most production changes to get right. It was pretty uptempo but felt right slowing the whole beginning down.

Dear god displays a lot of vulnerability as have previous releases such as ‘die first’ – is it ever daunting to leave so much of yourself on a track for people to observe and possibly even critique your outpouring of emotion? 

Nessa Barrett: Music is my therapy. I write about real emotions I go through that really represent where I’ve been emotionally & my journey through it all. I put out my art to the world so people feel like they aren’t alone – in hopes my music gets them through their times as well. I’ve always felt like it was my calling to help people in such way.

Does that outpouring of inner-most feelings ever leave you emotionally fatigued?

Nessa Barrett: Definitely after certain sessions, same with how I feel after therapy sessions. They go hand-in-hand for me.

What would you say was the most emotionally challenging song to write on the album?

Nessa Barrett: I would probably say “die first” – mostly because of the concept behind the song. It’s so powerful. Even more emotional now when I have to perform it than when in the writing process.

Nessa Barrett photoshoot

Would you say there was a theme that runs throughout the project and if so what would it be?

Nessa Barrett: Visually the album feels very heavenly, angelic. At the time of writing the bulk of the album, I wasn’t in the best place mentally.. I was living in hell, so I fantasized about heaven a lot – which is why it really represents that. This album takes you through a journey & I am so excited to see how people resonate with it.

Created during unprecedented times, was there any change in your creative process ?

Nessa Barrett: I got into guitar during this writing process & I felt myself getting burst of creative inspiration at home, would write a song on my guitar & take that to the studio. Sometimes on my piano too. 

What’s something about you that no one has asked but is really something you think we should be talking about more?

 Nessa Barrett: I feel like a lot of people don’t know or realize how involved I am on all aspects of my creative process. Specifically visually – I have an amazing creative director who helps pull my ideas / stories I want to tell together but I really do have a specific vision for anything I touch & my team is so great about letting me lead them there. I actually co-directed my “dear god” music video which was so fun! Definitely something I am aspiring to do even moreso down the line.

Nessa Barrett

Looking back on your entire musical journey, what’s been the most challenging hurdle you’ve had to overcome? 

Nessa Barrett: I would say when I’m personally dealing with a lot, remembering to use music as a way to express that. Sometimes I just shut down & shut everything out for long periods of time because I don’t have the energy to deal with anything.. but I truly feel like it can help me get through even the tough times so remembering to use it.

What is your FAULT?

Nessa Barrett: Allowing myself to get in the way of myself