How to Ski on a Budget

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in the US, in which there are around 14.94 million skiers across the United States overall. Top that off with over 462 different ski resorts to choose from and it becomes clear why skiing is such a lucrative option for vacations each year.

However, skiing vacations can be one of the most expensive vacations out there, with all of the equipment needed and the plush ski resorts that also don’t come cheaply. Whether you’re an experienced skier or are looking to get into skiing, there’s no need to write it off as being too expensive. If you plan carefully, it can be possible to ski on a budget.

Photo: Visit Almaty

Below, we’ll cover some of the top tips for how to ski on a budget.

Choose resorts that aren’t too far out of the way

Airfare can be a large part of the cost when it comes to a skiing vacation. For this reason, it’s best to choose a ski resort that’s close to major airports and hubs as the smaller the plane and the fewer passengers, the more expensive it will be for you.

Some of the best locations to choose a ski resort in include Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City International Airport is less than 40 minutes from most of the major ski resorts and Denver airport is within a 2-hour drive of the most popular resorts. Just think, less money on airfares means more budget available to upgrade your room in the resort or get those in demand ski lift passes that you couldn’t usually afford.

Look for early booking deals

Planning ahead is key when it comes to your ski vacation as places in resorts can fill up quickly. Look out for early booking deals on flights and lodgings in order to get the most for your money. You may also be able to find deals on lodgings and ski equipment or ski lift passes to save money too.

Don’t splurge on expensive ski clothing

Ski clothing can cost thousands to get fully kitted out, yet if you’re just getting started then there’s no need to break the bank by buying official ski clothing. Clothes like thermal leggings or a warm puffer jacket from a standard clothing store are just as good as ski clothing but are usually a fraction of the price.

Try to avoid being pressured into buying popular ski brand clothing that will drain your budget quicker than you will realize.

Buy online

When booking your ski holiday, booking online is the best option as you are able to research the cheapest deals for yourself. You could also try using coupons and cashback websites like Swagbucks or Top Cash to make your money go further. If you are traveling in a group, many online ski packages often have an offer on too.

Choose a resort with free activities

When it comes to resort activities, the price can soon mount up if you’re traveling as a family or a group. Try to look for a resort that offers free activities such as bars with a DJ in the evening, free drinks offers or early bird specials and other family friendly activities. Some ski resorts can be found in old mining towns where there are historic sites to visit and even a tram you can ride.

Avoid the peak season

If you are not restricted by school holidays, try not to travel at peak seasons when ski holidays are the most expensive. Not only can skiing during the school holidays be more expensive, but it’s also often crowded too which makes the whole experience a little more hectic and less relaxing.

Overall, while skiing is one of the most expensive hobbies you can have, hope is not lost if you have a tight budget. By following the above tips for saving some cash, you’ll be sure to find a skiing holiday that suits your budget.